One of the best things you could do to cool off on a hot summer’s day is to jump in the pool and wash your worries away. If it’s that time of the year, and the beach is too far, or you can’t go there because of the long drives, then an above ground pool is the next best thing. It would be even better if you actually own one to use whenever you want! Below you will find all you need to know about some of the best above ground pools that you can set up in your own home and their benefits.

Life is cool by the pool.

Happiness is pretending you’re a mermaid in the swimming pool; you can totally do that by owning your very own special, and budget-friendly, above ground pool of your choice! According to the website Linton’s in the Garden, they believe that getting an above ground pool for your home is a cheaper choice than an in-ground pool. It probably wouldn’t be as costly as much as the normal in-ground pools would, even after you buy more than one above-ground pools over the years. Sure, it might not look as fancy as a normal one, but looks don’t really matter if all you want is to relax and have a refreshing time in the sun!

Benefits and where to install your pool

The benefits of above-ground pools are endless; they’re cheaper, easy to install, and need less maintenance from you. They also need fewer chemicals in the water, and you can change the water’s temperature with a pool heater or solar heater with ease. Best of all, it’s safer for your kids, no need to worry about the possibility of them falling in the water while they’re running. The portability of this pool means you can install it anywhere from your backyard or your roof. It can also be indoors if you want more privacy and no sunlight or enjoy the water during bad weather. Above ground pools also require less maintenance from you. You can also use a robotic pool cleaner to clean your pool. However, if these pool cleaners go wrong, then troubleshooting a pool cleaner can be tricky.

The best of the best pools

There are countless above ground pools out there; below are some of the top picks and recommendations:

⮚      Intex 18 ft. x 52 in. Ultra XTR Rectangular pool set:

This awesome pool can be set up in about 60 minutes! It has a galvanized steel frame and a locking system that enhances its stability. Also, it comes equipped with the Hydro Aeration technology for improved water filtration and circulation.

⮚      Intex 12 ft. x 30 in. Prism Frame pool Set:

This beauty has a 3-ply, puncture-resistant material design. It’s durable and equipped with powder-coated steel tubing. It’s so easy to assemble that it takes about 30 minutes of your time to get ready.

⮚      Intex 12 ft. x 30 in. Prism Frame Pool Set 2:

The amazing thing about this pool is that it’s designed to prevent rusting and corrosion to the highest degree. It has a durable 3-ply material liner and features powder-coated metal frames. It’s also one of the easy ones to set up for you and your family in just 30 minutes.

⮚      Intex 8 ft. x 30 in. Easy Set Pool

This one has the Hydro Aeration Technology for enhanced water clarity with dual section fittings to continuously improve it. It also comes equipped with a water filter pump for filtration, and it features sturdy laminated PVC sidewalls. An excellent choice for your kids!

⮚      Intex 32 ft. x 52 in. Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set

This big baby sports a modern look with a steel-frame construction that’s powder-coated to prevent rust and enhance its structural integrity. It comes equipped with dual-section fittings to enhance water circulation for a cleaner swim for you and your family! Another cool thing, it has a removable ladder that has slip-resistant steps for safety.

⮚      Intex 86 in. x 23 in. Rectangular Frame Baby Splash Pool

This awesome pool would be ready for playtime for you and your kids within 30 minutes! It has steel frames designed with a powder-coating for rust-resistance and laminated sidewalls. Also, it comes equipped with a drain plug for easy connection to your water hose for draining and filling.

⮚      Bestway 16 ft. x 48 in. Power Steel Swimming Pool

When it comes to a cleaner environment, this pool is one of the best choices for you! It’s designed with a steel frame that is rust and corrosion-resistant. It is fully equipped with a Seal & Lock System frame to prevent any leaks or bending. Also, it has Antimicrobial cartridges to help prevent the growth of any bacteria in the pool that you really don’t want swimming around with you!

The ins and outs of your pool

It’s crucial to know that there are countless types of above-ground pools, and there are so many accessories for them too. The familiar ones that people constantly go for are the ones that are easy to set and the ones that have a steel frame. Usually, the easy to set up pools use a soft vinyl or PVC for its walls. Moreover, it has an inflatable ring that lifts the pool walls every time you’re filling it with water. But if you’re looking for the sturdy kinds of pools that offer tremendous support, the metal frame above ground pools are the ones to go for. These kinds of pools always have steel bars to support the PVC or vinyl pool liner. Also, it’s capable of holding in more water for any of the different pool shapes. Not to mention that you can build a deck around it or design it luxuriously.

Does size matter?

The best and only way to answer that question is to think of the number of people you think would use the above ground pool. Will it be just two to three people? Or more than 6 people? Once you figure that out, think about how big your home is and if it has the space needed for that certain type of above ground pool you want. Go ahead and plan everything out before your next pool party!

Installation and Storage

When it comes to your above ground pool area, two very important things can be set up easily and disassembled, and stored away without a sweat. When it’s time to get that above ground pool, make sure you know how it’s installed and how the walls will be dealt with. It’s also a good thing to have a backup available to help an extra hand, so you don’t end up being stuck with installing it by yourself. Storing it during the cold winter days is very easy because it is designed to be portable and fit anywhere safely after being disassembled. Always ask for an instruction manual or an instructional DVD to help you with your pool’s assembling and disassembling.

Spend a day floating in the pool

Once you’ve made your choice and planned out everything, above ground pools can be such an amazing investment. Save money and enjoy your time alone, with family or friends. Time to put your bathing suit on and go for a refreshing swim!