Spain, Italy, Greece – these countries tend to top ‘best of’ lists for European holiday destinations, and good reason. These stunning locations are brimming with culture and history, and boast some of the finest weather on the continent.

But despite the country’s increasing popularity, many a globetrotter misses out on the delights of sunny Portugal.

And yet this traveling haven is no hidden secret, boasting celebrity guests such as Madonna, Bonnie Tyler, and Ronan Keating. From happy holidaymakers to smart investors, Portugal provides the perfect travel experience for everyone.

Read on to discover which Portuguese adventures await you.


Beloved by tourists, Portugal has a dedicated legion of travelers who return time and time to the same region, the same town – some will even revisit the same hotel.

The Algarve is popular with these types of travelers. Not too far away from main cities like Lisbon, it’s perfect for families, couples, and even solo adventures. With its breath-taking coastal views, dreamy summer evenings, countless activities, and delicious cuisine, it’s no surprise that tourists of all ages can’t stay away.

Its warm weather is at its peak in the summer, but winter travelers won’t be disappointed with the mild climates of September and October. And it’s not uncommon for tourists who fall in love with the country to find themselves reluctant to leave.


Back in January, Portugal has voted the best country for retirees. Beating Costa Rica, Panama, and France to the top spot, the country’s healthcare system, relatively low cost of living, and overall quality of life were cited.

And Portugal also appears to be attracting a younger clientele, particularly in the capital city of Lisbon, whose popularity is on the rise in Europe and across the world. And again, it’s a perfect spot for families, as more and more parents choose to raise their children in the country.

But if you’re still not sold, read on to discover another golden opportunity.


Portugal welcomes investors with open arms thanks to its Golden Visa scheme, and these individuals experience the best of both worlds.

In return for investment into the Portuguese property market, investors are granted not only the ability to live in Portugal but also the freedom to travel in and out of the country at will, as well as unlimited access to the Schengen states.

This citizenship by investment scheme allows travelers to spend on average just one week per year in the country to maintain their visas, meaning that Golden Visa holders can effectively enjoy their investment as a holiday home. Alternatively, they can settle down in the country, enjoying the ability to live, work, and conduct business in their new home.

Amongst the major attractions are the country’s many stunning buildings, including houses, villas, and apartments. Real estate experts Property Lisbon are experienced in helping investors find their perfect fit.

Why not join the many thousands of travelers living out their nomadic dreams in this stunning country?

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