Filling your home with artwork gives it a sophisticated and classic look that instantly tells visitors you have impeccable taste, and it doesn’t take a pricey collection to turn your place into a dazzling haven.

But if you’re not au fait with fine art, choosing the right piece to compliment your living space can feel like a daunting task.

But if you’re up to the challenge of venturing into the world of interior design to create an image that reflects your sense of style, this selection of artistic modes is sure to inspire even the most untrained eye.

1. Canvas

Canvas art is a time-honored medium, and with a versatile range of art styles to choose from, they can look great in any room of the house, including hallways.

It’s the perfect way to fill blank wall space, depending on what atmosphere you’re aiming to create.

For a classic and understated look that creates a soothing ambiance, land or seascapes are a safe but savvy choice. Meanwhile, still, life pieces complement a room without clashing, while a surreal or block color piece will leave an impression on your guests the moment they enter. And to make a small room look bigger, why not choose a minimalist piece?

Remember to coordinate the colors on your canvas with the room’s overall theme – you can find tips on matching colors together here.

2. Sculpture

Another art form with a diverse range of styles to choose from, sculptures can be placed to create a modern, extravagant feel or fill an empty tabletop – larger pieces will naturally stand out. However, smaller ones can still make for an interesting talking point.

And if you’re interested in creating your own, why not consider something multi-purpose – for instance, a coat stand that doubles as a centerpiece for your hallway?

For artistic inspiration as well as reliable suppliers, check out the website for Ormiston Wire, whose products have been used in an array of unusual pieces.

3. Mural

For an adventurous spin on household art, a mural that fills the wall can suit just about any room, but they look particularly fitting in hallways and bedrooms.

This is the ultimate statement piece that commands the immediate attention of the room, and you can easily find pre-made ones online that require minimal effort to install.

Some of the most creative ones out there feature beach views, cityscapes, and even maps of the world.

Extra tips

If the upkeep doesn’t put you off, houseplants add a fresh and homely vibe to any room, while photographs are perfect for a personal touch.

Or if you’re artistically inclined and liked our ideas, why not try creating one of these at home? Nothing could be more personal or a better match for your home than a bespoke piece created by you, for you!

How do you incorporate art into your home décor? Let us know in the comments below.