When it comes to designing or redecorating your ideal bedroom, one of your biggest concerns is space. The technical part of this is that this space is your biggest strength, and also your weakness. If you’re someone who likes to keep things simple, maybe this would be the ideal space for you. But, if you’re someone who likes to get creative, maybe tactfully placing your elements could be challenging, yet satiable.

One of the greatest things about having a small bedroom is that your level of comfort, privacy, and personal space is all converged into one apt space. In case you are looking to design or redesign your bedroom space, there are some incredible ways in which you can do so. Some of them are as follows:

Go for Smaller Beds

There is no secret that you are going to need all the space you can get to make your small room seem more open and airy. While there are many small size mattresses, going for a super single waterbed mattress or a twin size folding bed will greatly help in opening up space in your room and letting some light in, which is, after all, the most natural accessory your room can adorn.

Use a Wallpaper

That’s right. Wallpapers give you all the liberty to go out and bring in your creative side. Wallpapers may be a bold choice for a small space, but it isn’t the wrong choice. Designing and covering your walls with wallpapers can be a great way to give your room an antique, jewel-box effect. In case you feel like it’s too much, you can always opt to cover a nook of your room with wallpaper to give it a special touch.


How can you section such a small space? Worry not, we’re not talking about building a solid wall in your bedroom, but replacing that idea with curtains. Whether it’s linen curtains, bead curtains, or even thread curtains, you’d be surprised to know that sectioning with cloth is a great way to declutter your bedroom, giving it a more intimate and cozy space.

small bedroom with dark paint


Playing with colors is always a fun and creative time, but color-coding is what makes it artistic. In small bedroom designs, it is important that you establish a color code. Color coding not only brings the room a balanced look but also helps you keep things minimal to the extent that you have everything you need in your bedroom.

Whether it’s matching sheets or bedroom accessories such as your mirror frame, your chair at your desk, or even your table lamp, each of these in the same color would help your room look comfortable, compact, and vibrant.

bedroom with a day bed

Using a daybed

Adding a daybed in your room will make you experience the concept of less is more. You’d be surprised as to how your bedroom looks double in size. Daybeds are a great way to save space and also have a goodnight’s sleep, as well. With its compact nature, you’d be able to achieve the comfort you need and add a little of something extra with the space you have lying around.

small bedroom with multi-purpose furniture

Multi-purpose furniture

If your furniture serves its purpose with two or more benefits, you’re golden. Whether it is a nightstand that also serves as a dresser of a dresser that can fold out into an ironing table or a working table, you’d be happy to not only have saved some space but also to get your work done efficiently and swiftly over time.

small bedroom with dark walls

Go Dark

Going dark doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you keep your room dim all the time; it simply means that you’re exploring better options.

On the contrary to the belief, dark colors often don’t make a room seem smaller; instead, on the opposite side, it makes your room wider and more spacious than it already is. Using sandy hues for plum colors or pastel colors for navy blues are a great way to keep your room sharp, roomy, and magnificent, all at the same time.

Shrinking your headboard

No, we don’t mean detach your headboard from your bed, instead invest in a bed frame without a headboard and cover up your wall with an artistic wall hanging or decor. This is a great way to save some space and also keep your bedroom minimal and functional. Choosing a skinner, shorter headboard is also a great way to stay in tune with your bedroom space.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall?

A bedroom is complete without a mirror, as well. Said no one ever! Using a large lean mirror or a wall mirror is a great way to save up some space and also keep your vanity in check. Moreover, if your room has an ample amount of light, the reflection strewn across by this Mirror can significantly create an impression of a larger space. Try it!

small bedroom with plenty of windows

Window Space

Keeping your bed close to the window is the ideal way of composing your small bedroom. If you can’t bring in a bed through your bedroom door, it’s okay; choosing the right sized nectar memory foam mattress is the solution to all your problems. Moreover, keeping your bed near the window helps you keep an eye for all the things you could do with your space, as well.

Vertical Spaces

Using vertical furniture such as wall shelves that are built-in or low to the ground, shouts easy coolness. Keeping your bedroom arranged and aligned is one thing, but keeping your things and placing them smartly is the real deal. If you’re a book lover and you can’t stay apart from your books, attaching a shelf with just a wooden board would create wonders.

There’s no monster under the bed.

That’s right! Instead, you could keep your stuff under the bed by investing in a hollow single bed that helps you declutter and keep your things under the bed as a space-saving technique. Drawers aren’t just for your clothes and accessories, but also as a storage unit for your small and cute bedroom.

Utilizing built-ins

Built-in bookshelves are a great investment to storage space without having an extra item of furniture taking up your space. Moreover, rather than struggling to get across to your bed, you can always opt for such furniture so that you could save a lot of space and use the extra space to do anything that you’d feel like!

No space is ever too small. You make the smallest of rooms look like the biggest of spaces by just carefully sorting out your furniture and keeping these pointers in mind while rearranging your cozy space.