The most comfortable and safe way to get around the Greek islands

A boat trip is something you might have thought was not for you at one point, but think again. You and your friends, for a few days away from everything and everyone, travel in the clear blue waters and discover new destinations in the idyllic Greek Polynesia. In recent years, boating or sailing has become an increasingly popular way of vacation, as it offers you many possibilities, comforts, and safety standards, but above all the freedom that you so much ask for on your vacation like visit any island you like, for how long you chose.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, a vacation on a boat is an affordable solution but playing NetBet slots is a risk even if it can be a lot of fun. Ideal for small or large groups and for families, as it gathers many possibilities in the same space and at a very reasonable cost, if you consider the expenses you save on travel, food, and other activities. Even in the summer months, you can find very attractive packages with offers and lower prices.

And because the era we are going through due to the pandemic requires special attention and safety standards, boat holidays are the safest solution for this summer. Boat rental companies have taken all the necessary hygiene measures, while it is important that you travel with people you know and above all without the risk of means of transport, ships, etc.

Before choosing the ideal boat, make sure you select the suitable company for this type of vacation since you will spend much of the trip together in the same place. Vacation by boat requires good organization, coordination, proper sharing of tasks and responsibilities.

Once the number of people is set up, the next step is what boat best serves you and your company, how many meters, how many cabins, bathrooms, etc. You can choose a relatively small boat that will be maneuvered more easily or a catamaran for more comfort and space.

Freedom and Absolute Relaxation

During the summer holidays, what you are really looking for is a sense of freedom. In a sailing boat, you decide when you will wake up, when you will eat and where you will go. You have the autonomy to travel wherever you want, without any schedule or restrictions. To explore new destinations, relax on a beach for hours, and enjoy a meal you have cooked yourself while watching the sunset. Time is yours and acquires another value when you have the freedom to manage it as you wish.

holidays in your own yacht

Guide is Simplicity

Simplicity is the key to a boat vacation. A small suitcase with the essentials is enough. A few and comfortable clothes, a hat, a swimsuit, and sunscreen. You don’t need much more. The sea and the beautiful Greek landscapes will fill you with special images and experiences.

There are two options for renting a boat. If at least two people your friends have a diploma from an offshore sailing school, then you will get a bareboat – either motorized or sailing – which you will “control.”

Otherwise, you will have to rent a charter yacht, which an experienced skipper manages. Estimate that depending on the company you end up with, the skipper’s fee ranges from 150 to 250 euros per day. The cost of renting a boat now depends on its size, type, and year of construction.

By small boat, we mean something with a length of about 8 to 10 meters, which usually has two cabins, can accommodate up to four people, and is intended more for short trips. A medium boat reaches 13 meters, has a kitchen, living room, bathroom with shower, and can accommodate up to six people. Large boats usually range up to 15 meters; although there are clearly larger ones, they are ideal for long voyages and can accommodate eight or more people. For example, for a three-cabin boat capable of accommodating six people, calculate about 2,000 per week just for rent. If you don’t have someone to navigate the boat, then add another €1,000 approximately per week for the skipper.

The above amounts don’t include the cost of gasoline (about €150 per week, depending on how much you use the machine, the cost of cleaning (about €50 depending on how many people you are) and your food, rental (skipper and boat) are configured according to the seasons. The season from late July to early September is calculated as high season. During this period you should have taken care of your reservation relatively early, as in many cases there is a lack of boats. In the remaining months, calculate a reduction in rental costs by 20%, depending on the company you choose.

Finally, the cost of renting increases depending on the “extras” that you may want for greater comfort in your trip (catering, amenities, towels, sheets, etc.). If you really think about it if you want to spend a week touring the Greek islands, renting a yacht may be the best choice.