Now that the economy seems to be getting back on track, it may be safe to say that tourism is also making a comeback for the months ahead. There are so many things you may have missed in the world of traveling, and it’s probably about time you start catching up. You’ve waited long enough to have a vacation. And now that you’re finally allowed to have one, where else would you want to spend it but the beach?

A luxurious Oregon beach getaway may be perfect for those who are both near and far from the area. With the travel restrictions easing down, you could rest assured you wouldn’t experience a stressful trip. It’d only take extensive research and thorough planning to make the most out of this getaway you’ve so long looked forward to.

Finding Where To Stay

Before you go shopping for beach outfits and whatnots, it’s important to book your accommodations first. If most people are thinking the exact way you are right now, they’re surely cramming to find the best and most stress-free vacation rental or hotel in the Oregon beach area. Make it a point to book your vacation first to ensure your slot.

There are several hotels in the area, but if you want to have a more comfortable and luxurious experience, consider renting a vacation home instead. These vacation rentals are more perfect for tourists who don’t like the usual hotel experience. You could choose either a beach house, hillside house, or penthouse with a sea view. If you need some recommendations, you may check here:

Planning Your Itinerary

After confirming your reservation, the next step is to plan your itinerary. Are you traveling alone, or are you be going with your family or a group of friends? While it’s the beach that’d be your ultimate destination, you could also consider planning an itinerary that includes other nearby tourist attractions. 

Here’s a sample itinerary you could follow in case you still don’t have one for your trip:

  • Start with a road trip if you don’t prefer traveling by air. Depending on where you’re coming from, you could consider starting your journey on Highway 101, which should very well lead you to the Oregon coast.
  • While on the road, you could make a stop by northeast Portland and experience their great local food. You may also want to try one of their famous Finnish spas.
  • If you have kids, you could spend your first day roaming around zoos and museums in Portland. 
  • If you’re up for some physical invigoration, consider going hiking in the Witch’s Castle, which starts at MacLeay Park.

There are so many activities to do in Oregon, and you might think a few days wouldn’t be enough to try them all. But if your main focus is to spend a relaxing time by the beach, you could skip the other activities and go straight ahead to your rented vacation home instead.

Packing Early And Wisely

There can’t be enough emphasis on how packing early and wisely could make the most out of any vacation. Sorting out what you’d be bringing could help you identify if there’s a need to go shopping for other things that are essential for the trip.

For example, if it’s been so long since your last beach trip, you may need to update your wardrobe and check if you have enough beach dresses or outfits to bring. Your kids and spouse may also need to go shopping for swimsuits and other necessities if you’re going with them.

You could make a checklist of everything you need for the trip to make sure you won’t be missing anything. If you or any of your companions have maintenance medications, pack those first and be sure to have enough of them that’d last for the entire trip. 

Also, try to ask your hotel or vacation rental agent if there’d be toiletries provided for the guests so you’d know if you have to bring any. If you’re bringing your pets with you, pack their food, leashes, and other accessories as well.

Monitoring The Weather

Although beach getaways are still fun even when it’s raining, you’d still need to monitor the weather to better plan your trip. If the weather forecast will be all bright and sunny for the rest of your vacation, there’s no need to worry. You could go ahead with your plans and enjoy yourself to the fullest. 

However, if rain is to be expected, you could plan accordingly and maybe bring some stuff that’d allow you and the gang to still enjoy even when it’s raining. You could bring some board games or organize a few do-it-yourself games with exciting prizes to keep everyone competitive.

Kayak Oregon

Checking Things To See And Do At Oregon Beach

It’s obvious you’re going to the beach to swim and lounge in the sand. But then there are other activities you could do while at Oregon beach. If you’re staying at Arch Cape or Cannon Beach, there are several scenic wonders you could visit, such as the Ecola State Park, Astoria Column, and Neahkahnie Mountain. There’s also the Haystack Rock, which is one of the seven protected Marine Gardens of Oregon.

If you have kids in tow, you could also consider going to the Great Dune of Cape Kiwanda. It boasts of a giant sandhill that’s pounded by stormy winds and waves, thus the carved-out caves, arches, and cliffs. If you could manage to climb to the top, you could feast your eyes on a magnificent view of the sprawling ocean vista.

Aside from exploring nature, you could also book yoga classes or take surfing lessons if you’re up for the challenge. Other water sports and fun activities you could try to include the following:

  • Kitesurfing
  • Paddleboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Whale watching

Aside from whales, you might also get lucky and get to see other native wildlife, such as harbor seals. Always be ready with your camera and don’t forget to wear hats and sunscreen. 

Another idea is to go camping at night or set up a bonfire by the beach. You could roast hotdogs and marshmallows together with your family or friends. Create a playlist that’d serve as your background music to put you more in the mood.

Getting Lazy

If you’re not in the mood for any sightseeing or fun activity, don’t sweat it. You’re on a vacation, and it’s the perfect time to be lazy and do absolutely nothing. Work may have been stressing you out lately, and there’s nothing else you’d want more than to sleep, read a book, munch on your comfort food, or cuddle with your loved ones. It’s your vacation, so your call. Do whatever you feel like doing and don’t worry if time passes you by without doing anything. 

Enjoy the natural wonders of Mother Nature and breathe in all the goodness it has to offer. You could sit or lay down by the beach in a hammock or just over a scarf or something. Watch the sunset, go for a quick dip, or drink a glass or two of your favorite wine. It’s been a long since you’ve had a decent time for yourself, and you deserve it more than anything.

Taking A Lot Of Pictures

Before your trip, make sure you’ve cleared all your memory cards and phone storage. You’d need them for documenting special moments and memories. Since this is the first time in a long time you’d be out on a vacation, the experience would be entirely different and exciting. 

Be sure to capture your family or friends’ priceless reactions upon seeing the beach again for the first time. Take as many pictures as you can. And when the trip is over, you’d be more than glad you did. After several years, you could all look back at those photos and remember just how fun of an experience it was. You could even consider creating a scrapbook filled with those precious pictures if you have a knack for it.

A Deluxe Oregon Beach Getaway To Remember

As you and your family or friends travel back home, your faces would surely be filled with nothing but smiles and happiness. Tiring as it may be, your Oregon beach getaway would surely be one for the books, thanks to your creative and intuitive planning. Next time you’d be going on another beach trip, you’d know better and you could always go back to these tips and improvise as you wish. 

Just remember to book your accommodations first before anything else. Plan an itinerary, monitor the weather and make a checklist of everything you need to pack and buy. You could come up with a list of activities to do or places to visit. But if you’re more of a spontaneous, live-by-the-moment kind of traveler, that could work, too. The important thing is you get to have all the fun and relaxation you deserve. Don’t be surprised if you’d be dubbed as the ‘great vacation planner’ after successfully executing all your well-thought-out ideas and list of activities.