Batteye Mosaic sideboard interior home trendBatEye’s Marco Sousa has a penchant for converging art with architecture through his contemporary creations. The Mosaic black metal sideboard-cabinet is one such outcome. Porto city with its traditional mosaic paving inspires travellers and residents alike. The regular and irregular, patterned and plain pavements tell the tales of thousands of passers-by – and these pavements sparked the design for the sideboard-cabinet that rests on brass cubes tumbled on the floor. Reminiscent of mosaics, the cubes are varnished in high gloss gold color that adds a dramatic contrast to the black cabinet. 

PullCast ocean dresser interior home trend

For its Ocean collection ‘jewelry hardware,’ Pull Cast dives into the depths and comes up with sea creatures like sea urchins, octopus, corals, shells, pebbles and starfish, among others. Take your pick from these lovely brass hardware for doors, cabinets, consoles: Linckia, Urchin, Natica, Mussa, Coralo, Cavia, Codium, Toile and Pebble.

Rug Society mira interior home trend

Rug Society’s new Mira patterned graphic rug draws inspiration from cubist language with Mira representing Cleopatra, and life emerging in the form of color. The hand-tufted botanical silk and mohair rug deconstructs classic concepts with solid and simple plans, while weaving in the influences of history into the world of contemporary design. rugsociety.euG&J Pantano Dining Table Interior Home Trend

Ginger and Jagger’s handcrafted Pantano dining table uses layers of glass alongside brass, making it the perfect piece for the dinning room. The tabletop is fused with three layers of glass to convey the depth of wetlands, while the base is made from an oak trunk in brass casting.

Elena Salmistraro Papua Bosa Ceramic Jewelry interior home trend

Designer Elena Salmistraro’s Papua collection pendants for Bosa are named Enga, Hela and Manus. Yes. The ceramic pendants have names and they represent three imaginary tribal dancers. The fantasy and energy steeped in lore and inspiring New Guinea’s Papua dancers prompted Elena to turn it all into wearable art. 

Zaha Hadid interior home trend

Pulse collection by Zaha Hadid Design features hand-blown pieces in organic forms celebrating fluid lines with subtlety. The glass vessels, in various colors, are unified by the textural contrast between smooth and pleated glass. The glassblower’s expertise and craftsmanship reflects through the ripples that are created across only a portion of the circumference.

MUNNA KIKI Sofa Home Interior Trend

Furniture design brand Munna’s dashing new Kiki sofa and Melody barstool are so very Spring ready! The Kiki’s high back embraces you, while the curvy and low seat is very comfy. The detailed seaming patterns in the back give the delicate pink sofa a chic look. The Melody bar and counter stool is made for entertaining. The smooth seat, backrest and legs are matched with detailed seaming and exuberant curved lines. Elevate your space with these furniture picks.

ALMA DE LUCE Kimono interior home trend

Alma De Luce turns to Japan for inspiration to design its new jewelry closet. Fascinated by the traditional Japanese garment, the kimono, the designers have created a gorgeous jewelry closet that delves into history, elegance and symbolism. Interestingly, the word Kimono in Japanese means ‘to wear’  (ki meaning wear, mono meaning thing). The Kimono closet’s exterior is made of satin cotton fabric, while the interior and drawers are coated in a special effect (mother-of-pearl with gloss varnish). Beautiful pink cherry blossoms embroidered on the (Polar Night Blue) surface add elegance, alongside walnut wood accents with satin tassels on the door handle. The closet’s footer in walnut veneer has a gloss varnish.