Suffering any kind of injury is such a painful and stressful experience, regardless of how severe the accident was – when you pile all the money and paperwork, you’ll have to put out and on top of that to be in pain from the actual injury itself. That’s why you should never do this alone, this is not an easy process, and if you want to walk out of that situation with the best possible outcome, you should surely seek help! Many factors determine how bad the accident was, but you’ll suffer one way or another. Here’s how much time and money you lose after suffering a personal injury!

Going To the Doctor

Above all, after you get in an accident, you’ll need to see a doctor – even if you seem okay at first, getting checked is a must just to ensure your safety. This step you’ll have to do on your own, meaning that you’ll probably have to pay for the visit by yourself, but don’t let that discourage you as you’ll get the money after you make a claim! There are so many types of personal injuries you can get, and even if it’s an insignificant one, you’ll still need to get it checked out. After all, this will come in handy once you start with building your case; you want to make sure that you have a declaration from your doctor that you actually did get hurt because you can’t make a claim otherwise!

Getting a Lawyer 

Another crucial part of this situation is choosing the right attorney to help you out with everything. Experts at Warnett Hallen stated that to get the deserved compensation, the first step is getting the right attorney on the case. You’ll need to fill in a lot of paperwork, and it will take a lot of time, especially if you are not as educated in the law department. Sure, a lawyer costs money, depending on the severity of the case, but you have to remember that you are fighting for your rights here, and the money will come back to you one way or another!

Gathering Evidence

This part can be crucial, and it needs to be done as fast as possible once the injury is acquired. Some injuries are not as visible as others, and they might take a little bit more convincing than others. The most common form of this is emotional abuse and trauma; it could take some time before you get the evidence that you suffered through this. You’ll also need to gather additional evidence, like recordings from surveillance cameras or even other people who were witnesses – this will help speed the case building quite a lot. 

Making the Claim

Once you gathered all the evidence and filed your paperwork, it’s time to make your claim. But it’s not as fast as you may think; it will take some time for them to process your case, especially if it’s complex, and then decide if it’s credible or not. This process can take a few months, usually up to 3 or even more. Depending on your type of injury, if it’s affecting your daily routine, especially if you had to stop working, you might lose a bit of money until your case has been prosecuted. Your desired compensation was given to you. 

settlement of money when an accident occurs

Accepting the Offer

After you make your compensation claim, there is a time period you’ll wait for it to be processed and decide if your claims are real and credible. And after you get the results, you might not be as happy with it. It’s up to you if you want to deny or accept the offer. This can obviously go in two directions; you can accept it and expect your settlement money in a few weeks. Or you can totally deny the settlement and ask for a new one. This can take a lot of time, depending on the case, and if there is a possibility to process it all over again. Also, you’ll have to keep your lawyer around, and that will cost you!

Sometimes accidents are inevitable, and all we can do is try to get the best out of it. It might be terrifying for a person who’s experiencing this for the first time, regardless if it was a car accident or an injury acquired at a workplace – it still drains the time and money out of you. If you are lucky and get an experienced attorney, there is nothing to worry about; you’re in good hands; just follow the guidelines.