The try-before-you-buy trend has gained popularity due to its ability to increase sales for businesses by making shopping for you more comfortable and less time-consuming. Thanks to ubiquitous online shopping, you can now find the best options on the market and, after comparing the prices, buy from retail with the best offer. Thus, you save time on visiting a couple of places a day looking for the lowest price.

Yet, there are situations when you are not sure whether the product will be suitable for your place or if it will meet your needs. As a result, you rather refuse a purchase at all than prefer to buy something, risking returning it and waiting for your money back. As the name suggests, the try-before-you-buy option allows you to choose a product, test its use on a free trial, and pay only if you have decided to stick to it or return the product without any entailed consequences.

Plan Your Renovation Thoroughly

When it comes to a home renovation, the goal may seem unreachable, and the whole process may feel like a never-ending story. Proper planning is a crucial moment that will, first of all, organize and systematize what needs to be done in your house. Second of all, it will lower the tension and chaos you may experience during the renovation process.

A detailed project and layouts will help you to see a clear picture of a house you are aiming to live in, no matter whether you bought a fixer-upper or you’re remodeling the one you already have. Once you have all the repair works and rooms’ characteristics sorted out, you can move to create a list of new things that you will need to buy for every room in your house. It will help you calculate the total repair budget and find alternatives for some of the requirements simultaneously. There is no need to buy new things when they can be substituted with those you already own or second-hand options; however, there are certain objects that should ideally be brand new.

Finally comes the fun part! At this point, all you need to do is to find a retailer, place your order with a try-before-you-buy option, and wait for delivery!


With a wide variety of products that you can now get without leaving your home, there is no need to go out to do your shopping anymore. The try-before-you-buy option covers literally anything you can think of, from tableware to clothes and appliances, and the delivery time is as short as possible. Nonetheless, it’s better to evaluate some products even before ordering them for a free trial.

For example, the right mattress can become a game-changer in your overall well-being, and studying mattress guides will give you detailed knowledge about which materials to choose and what else to pay attention to. But it cannot make you feel whether it is right for you or not. You can visit an offline store and try models you’ve put an eye on, and maybe get advice from a consultant there to avoid ordering a mattress that will not suit you from the first touch. It will require some more time, but years of restful sleep are definitely worth it.

Besides mattresses, the same approach can be applied to finding comfortable recliners, sofas, computer chairs, and other things responsible for your physical comfort.

Knowing How to Return

Ensure that you are checking the purchase information, such as the length of a free trial, payment methods, and the return procedure for every product, especially if they come from different places. In general, the terms and conditions of returning products that do not fit or work out for you are similar. It frequently requires only to put a return label and let the company know via a mobile app that you are waiting for a courier to take it back.

But they can still vary slightly from one platform to another, so it is vital to keep an eye on trial periods to avoid mistaking one product for another or unintentionally breaking the company’s rules. It is not a problem when trying just one thing, but it can get messy during a home renovation, so make sure you prevent it.


The process of returning a product, then waiting for money to come back to your account is sometimes complicated or even annoying. Many of us choose not to buy anything that might have to be returned at all. That is why an ability to pay only when you have tried the product is attractive and affordable. Try-before-you-buy is an excellent option for those who cannot decide between two products or are not sure if the product will be useful for them.

It can be your savior when buying a home that needs a renovation or brushing up your old property. It is a big trend in e-commerce, and today you can find any existing product with a free trial option. Now you know what you need to do to avoid wasting precious time and a limited budget for choosing products that have no use.