Who says fashionable can’t be functional? Well, you can get the best of both worlds. There are some backpacks out there that will meet your functional needs as well as your fashion needs. For your everyday use, you still need to be fashionable and yet practical. Here are some tips and ways on how you can choose styles of backpacks for daily use without having to compromise functionality.


Before you can choose a style of the backpack that you want to get, you need to figure out why you’re getting it first. Choosing the right backpack lies on purpose you will be using the bag for. It needs to fit your needs. So, you must decide whether you need it for school, going to the mall, traveling or work.

The purpose will guide you and build the foundations when you start choosing the style of your backpack to become fashionable. All will rely on the use you wish your backpack to serve. When you know the purpose, you will also get a better idea of the size, style, and color of the backpack that you’ll need.

Storage Set Up

When buying a backpack, you also need to assess the storage scheme of the bag. Is it easy to access? Are all your things going to fit?

For other styles of backpacks, it’s merely an empty space inside the bag. However, right now, the designs of backpacks allow a lot of storage pockets and slots. Given this, you can organize your things more. Other backpacks provide a pocket and safety cushion for your laptop. If you are someone who lugs around your laptop a lot, you can use this laptop pocket a lot.

So, before you think of a style of a backpack, you need to assess what you need to put first and if it will all fit the style of your backpack.

yellow backpack with different school supplies

There might be too many things on your backpack, and this might take a toll on your back. That’s why, when picking the style for your backpack, you need to get one that has padding. The padding will cushion the weight of the things that you put on your back.

In addition to that, backpacks can usually create lots of heat behind you and make you sweaty. To prevent getting your clothing damp, there are kinds of backpack padding that has a breathable mesh. The breathable mesh will lower down the temperature.


With the advances of technology, your backpack can be a source of charging for your gadgets. There are backpacks not that come with a USB battery or USB slot for power banks. This way, you don’t have to carry around so many gadgets in your backpack for fear of losing battery.

By having a compartment of that in your backpack, you don’t need to keep taking items out to charge your phone. You can simply plug it in inside your bag and charge it as you sit close to your back. No need to find a socket or get up to charge your phone anymore.


When you choose a style of backpack, you also need to select the right color. There are many colors to choose from when you are picking a style of backpack. Because versatility is most practical, you might want to choose a color that matches whatever you wear if your goal is to become feasible.

On the other hand, if you need a backpack for work, it might be better suited to get a backpack that’s of neutral color. These colors are in the lines of black, grey, or white. Best that it does not stand out too much if you are aiming to get a backpack for work. On the other hand, if you need a backpack for outdoor activities, a backpack colored in green will most likely be what you need.

Choosing the color might be something of an afterthought for you, but you shouldn’t pass it off. Choosing the right color is already several miles away from getting the right style for you. The color will change how fashionable and practical your backpack will be.


Many things can go wrong if you choose the wrong backpack. Fortunately, you now know how to make the best choice. Just keep the tips above in mind when you are shopping for your next backpack, and you definitely won’t regret it. Remember that you don’t need to sacrifice functional for fashionable. You can always get the best of both worlds.