Part of the excitement that comes with the changing of seasons is overhauling your wardrobe with an “out with the old, in with the new” attitude. While winter clothes were gorgeously muted and comfortable textured but overwhelmingly oversized this season, the spring season will allow you to shed the extra bulk in favor of some light, fresh, and effortlessly classy looks. We’ll give you the rundown on all the 2019 spring styles you need to be stocking up on to look chic and fearlessly flawless in the streets as the season turns!

Muted pastels

No colors scream “springtime” quite as pastel colors do. Instead of the usual bright pastel pinks and purples, 2019 is all about going for those muted pastels that bring mauve, soft aubergines, and creamy mustards back into your wardrobe. Office ladies, hit the shops searching for the perfect muted pastel blazer or moto jacket that goes with any pair of black slacks or dark denim in your closet. Light jackets are the easiest outfit game-changers you can treat yourself to, which can be repeatedly re-worn without ever feeling old or tired. Looking to be a bit more daring? Bring some color into your legging game. A muted blue legging looks outstanding when paired with the right jacket and shoes!

Mom jeans

While some may argue that Mom jeans never went out of style, it’s pretty hard to argue that they aren’t all the rage right now. These loose-fitting jeans cinch perfectly at the waist and give a relaxed fit all the way down. Perfect for pairing with a cute belt and a simple blouse, Mom jeans can be dressed up or down with a quick change of shoes!


From Gucci to Topshop, everyone has been obsessed with making prints happen. Minimalist fashionistas may even have a change of heart looking at the latest the fashion world has to offer in over-the-top prints and patterns. Crafting outfits using simple patterns in beige, blue, black, and whites make for a seamlessly classy streetwear aesthetic that looks magazine-ready at any given moment. Making those outfits pop by adding a splash of paisley, cheetah, or floral print can transform you from Cosmopolitan to Harper’s Bazaar. Pick your pieces and choose your brands wisely, and you’ll furnish your wardrobe with timeless pieces that can be worn in all seasons!


Welcome back to the 70, the 90s, whichever you remember better—tie-dye is back. Though it may not be back with all the psychedelic spirit it came within the countercultural era, the multi-hued, almost watercolor-Esque designs have returned to the industry with a fresh new feel. Rock a tie-dye tee with a pair of distressed black denim jeans for a simple everyday look while running errands. Or, pair an adorable tie-dye frock with a pair of fashionable women’s flats for a charming Lolita look.

Classy Street Styles for Spring 2019


We’ll admit that finding a jumpsuit perfectly tailored to your body can be difficult. But when you do find the one, you can’t help but ogle at your own reflection. These one-piece suits come in several variations that are sure to fit your spring style. Go for a pantsuit that features bell-bottoms to give yourself a luxuriously long, leggy look. Pair them up with a cute pair of heels, and you’re ready to hit the city.

Straw hats

If you’ve ever wanted to channel the inner explorer within you, now is your chance. Spring 2019 is all about embracing the beauty of the straw hat. Simple in design and practical in use, straw hats make any outfit look ten times cuter. We are totally obsessed with wide brim hats that protect us from the sun while also giving a fashionable silhouette to any getup. Pair your hat with a light, flowy sundress for an easygoing weekend look.

Tiny totes

Oversized bags have had their time to shine—it’s time to let the tiny totes have their moment. Whether you’re looking for a bedazzled clutch or a leather mini backpack, tiny purses are the fashionable closet additions that complete any outfit. Perfect for outlet shopping and drinks with the girls, these tiny totes assure that you only bring the absolute essentials wherever you go!

Be the belle of any ball and the Queen of your most-frequented streets with these classy styles beautifying your wardrobe!