Having a juicer in your home is great for many different reasons. It gives you a new level of variety for cooking purposes, but for delicious and nutritious juices that can be a great addition to your daily diet.

That being said, though, what should you look for in a juicer? Before you buy, especially if this is your first juicer, you must take time to do your research first. That’s why, in this article, we are going to talk about different variables of biggest importance for you to consider before buying.

First things first – what are you looking for in a juicer.

The first thing that you need to consider is why you are even buying a juicer in the first place.

The reason for this is the fact that the best juicer is one that is going to match your juicing needs. So, you aren’t going to want to buy the same model if you want to press fruits and vegetables multiple times a day or if you want to buy the best juicer for celery juice right after an intense workout now and then. So, what you want is to find the juicer that fits your space and your needs and preferences.

What type of product are you looking for?

The first thing that you need to consider while deciding which type of juicer is for you is what kinds of juice you will be making most often. Basically, you want to look for a juicer that can make high yields of the product that is your priority.

That being said, masticating juicers are your best option for leafy greens since they can produce high amounts of dry pulp, so – less juice waste and high-cost efficiency. If you only want to juice fruits and hard vegetables, though, a high-quality, less expensive centrifugal juicer is going to do the trick.

What about the size?

Considering where you are going to store your juicer and how easily you’ll want to access it for use, regarding the frequency of usage well is quite important.

There are quite a few different options, considering the size. For instance, while horizontal masticating juicers can produce high volumes of juice, they take up a lot of space. They are a lot heavier as well, so it might be quite a chore to move them from the closet to the counter over and over.

On the other hand, though, vertical juicers are quite the opposite, making them ideal for smaller kitchens, but they yield less product. Lightweight centrifugal models are probably the best compromise if you are looking to move them from storage space to counter.

Consider noise and speed as well.

Make sure your juicer is the one that’s able to suit your lifestyle in regarding how fast and loud they actually are.

If you are looking for a quieter version, avoid centrifugal juicers and go for ones instead – this is going to ensure that your household members are going to remain undisturbed. Now, if you are looking to make your juice fresh in the morning before work, speed may be an important factor for you.

Having that in mind, you should know that masticating juicers are a bit slower, but on the other hand, there are centrifugal juicers that can juice an apple in around 30 seconds. You might want to consider juicer models equipped with multiple speeds as well, depending on your needs at the time. You should know that slow juicer might be time-exhausting, but they are great for producing soft fruit juice pretty fast, so it all comes down to what fruit you prefer.

Complexity and options

In some cases, people might find complex juicers that are hard to clean more of a nuisance than a useful tool, resulting in less frequent usage. However, if this doesn’t concern you, and you actually are looking for a multifunction juicer that’s also able to make nut butter, sorbets, or baby food, more complex options are right up your alley.

Juicers that are equipped with large feed tubes significantly are going to reduce produce prep time significantly. Juicers with an external pulp container will allow you to continue juicing in bulk without having to pause to remove the pulp.

To wrap things up

In the end, it all boils down to you assessing your needs, and then setting your priorities. After you have done this, you want to search for optimal juicers for those exact purposes. By coming to the end of this article, you now know what the key aspects that you need to consider are; now, all that’s left is to take action – and you’ll find a perfect juicer in no time.