The number one cosmetic surgery regarding women is definitely breast enlargement. That being said, though, one definitely might ponder upon the question, why has it become so popular, and why do so many women get breast implants? Why do so many young women decide to undergo such surgery? Is it due to different societal pressures? Is it due to insecurity or even desperation in some cases?

While there’s no conclusive answer to this question that can be answered in a single sentence, there are quite a few explanations that are often the case for women that opt for breast enlargement. That being said, in this article, we will discuss those most prominent reasons to make this topic a bit more clear.

The Pressure Of Society

The internet age has truly changed society’s attitude and different expectations towards numerous different aspects of life. Nowadays, anyone can unlock their phone, go to pretty much any social media outlet, and get to see pictures and videos of gorgeous celebrities who can afford to look a certain way and hence be able to have a certain lifestyle. Even though that same internet has brought us so many great things, it would be untrue to say that it did not have a negative impact on some parts of our lives, especially regarding our self-image.

Unfortunately, many women, especially young women, look up to celebrities and wish to have what they have. Owning a perfect house, having perfect hair, the very definition of a perfect body. All of this creates unrealistic expectations and standards that are ridiculously high. Since the perfect body image is getting more and more unrealistic, many young women feel ashamed or insecure when it comes to their body, so they undergo surgery to achieve that perfect image.

It’s not all bad, though!

All of that being said, though – social media is also a good inlet for body positivity. If women want to opt for breast enlargement for whatever reasons, the probability is high that they will receive a lot of positivity from their followers. So, basically, the point here is that social media is a double-edged sword since there are negatives, but there are positives.

Asymmetrical Breasts

Asymmetrical breasts are one of the most common reasons why women opt for breast enlargement or correction. As experts on natural breast enlargement over at explain, even though it is normal that the two breasts are not of the same size, in some cases, the difference is huge. Even though it is still normal, it can still impact self-image quite a bit.

Women are often very conscious of it, and it is something that can greatly reduce their confidence. Low confidence can often lead to school problems, work, or even some mental problems, all of which are the additional reasons women might choose to correct this issue.

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Male Approval

Throughout history, women have been the underdogs of society. They had to fight for attention and their rights a lot more than men had to. It is no surprise that women are trying to do their best to get male approval even nowadays.

Even though preferences are different and not all men like the same things, the general attitude in society is that men are fans of big breasts. This is why many women undergo breast surgeries. If they feel that their breasts are not as pretty, that they might not be big enough, they decide to get breast implants. Of course, after the surgery, women gain more confidence, so they have more courage to approach a man. So it’s not always about male approval, but about courage.

Competing with other women

Many women choose to enlarge their breasts because they want to compete with other women. The mating game is thousands of years old and is just getting a new context as the times change. It is wildly linked to evolution and is something that we cannot change that easily. It might be sexist, but it is science. Women unconsciously or consciously compete for attention from desirable men.

Better Work Opportunities

No matter how well prepared we are for a certain interview or a task; physical appearance can still change a person’s chance of succeeding professionally. Just like shorter men generally earn less than their tall counterparts, the same goes for women with smaller breasts than those with larger breasts. Even though it is a shame that looks play such a big part in professional activities, we still live in a very materialistic world.

Fashion industry

Even though designers, in general, tend to prefer skinny models with smaller breasts, the real world’s women’s clothing industry is obviously geared toward women with at least a decent-sized pair. Many women who have small breasts have the trouble of finding a bra or a decent top. Usually, the first thing women do when they recover from breast augmentation surgery is buying new clothes.

To wrap things up

In the end, there are a plethora of different reasons why women decide to undergo breast enlargement surgery, and no list can sum all of them up. This is pure because all of us have different priorities, stemming from different reasoning, of course. That being said – if this surgery brings positivity into someone’s life, the explanations regarding why and how are far less important than the effect that it brought.