Hosting a party can be a daunting feat, you’ve sent the invitations, started receiving RSVPs, and the date is now looming, but the house isn’t yet ready.  Here are our tips for helping you create the perfect home to host in no matter how big or small the gathering.

Create a playlist

Good music can make or break a party. Why not set up a collaborative Spotify playlist and let your guests add their favorite songs? That way, everyone is sure to be happy with the playlist. Remember not to have music too loud that it drowns out people talking – keep it at an excellent ambient level.

Generate the perfect temperature

Even if it’s cold outside, a home that is too hot is just uncomfortable. Similarly, a house that is too cold will not create an inviting atmosphere for your guests. The new bodies in the room will be sure to increase the temperature slightly, so perhaps turn down the heating an hour or two before guests arrive to ensure the house is the perfect temperature. The recommended level is around 21°C (70°F).

Have enough food

It’s always better to have a bit of leftover food rather than running out – which could end up a little embarrassing! The general rule of thumb is to provide a pound of food per adult, and half a pound per child, and don’t forget to cater for vegetarians and vegans too!

More alcohol is consumed at events held at night compared with during the day, so top up the drinks table throughout the party instead of displaying all the alcohol at once and ensure there are plenty of mixers. Punch bowls are a great way to provide drinks without the expense and remember to create alcohol-free ones too.

Clean your house a few days before

You don’t necessarily have to have a full spring clean of your entire home before a party, which could add to the stress. But, you will want to ensure you’re your bathrooms are clean, surfaces are dusted, and floors vacuumed to create a welcoming atmosphere. Also, remember to empty bins the day of the party as it is sure to be lots of extra rubbish to factor in during the party and afterward.

Arrange furniture thoughtfully

Although you want your house to look its best, consider arranging furniture so that it’s not in the way, and things aren’t accidentally knocked off. Try and create a flow within the home that allows people to both congregate in small groups, while also being able to move freely.

Too much seating can overcrowd your party. Instead, opt for a few key pieces like a Heals 4-seater sofa, and aim for enough room to accommodate around 15% of your guests at once!

Clear surfaces

There’s nothing worse for a guest than having to awkwardly juggle a bag, a coat, and drink throughout the night, so ensure there are plenty of surfaces to place drinks and somewhere to hang coats and bags.

Ottomans that work for both seating and storage are great for parties, and remember to remove knick-knacks from console tables and sideboards to allow guests to place their drinks and plates without fear of breaking ornaments.

Have fun

Perhaps the most crucial thing in creating the perfect home to host in is to have fun and enjoy your party. Your guests are sure to enjoy themselves and feel more relaxed if you are.