Selling your first home is not simple and can be surprisingly time-consuming. It can be emotionally challenging if you’ve never done it before. It is like buying the first home that you have to consider essential things. Although technology made our lives easier in almost everything, it is a different case for real estate. The complexities and legalities could be endless. Some factors affect the speed of the sale, and the perfect example is location. If your house is located in a less desirable area, obviously it’s not easy to sell fast. If your home is not in excellent condition, don’t expect to immediately get a buyer or get a high value from it.

Selling your house is a big decision to make. Make sure you have already considered the pros and cons before getting into the process. You have to start with the estimated sale price, factor in the remaining mortgage, including any other applicable fees. If these things are considered, let’s get into a few tips on selling your property.

Choose How Are You Going To Sell

Choosing how to sell your home dictates every aspect of the process, including the selling strategy, the preparation you have to do, as well as the price. As we live in a digital era, sellers have options to list their homes via websites. To have a clear picture of different ways, let’s tackle each option available for you.

1. Find A Well-trusted Real Estate Agent

A qualified real estate agent is a professional who passes the real estate licensing exam. The agent can represent both buyers and sellers, responsible for carrying offers and counteroffers of each party. Getting an agent means he markets the house, prepares the paperwork, and communicates to potential buyers. Another option is to find a reliable real estate website to list your property. According to an experienced broker of, homeowners should have a range of choices that enable them to come up with the best decision for themselves. With the help of technology and the internet, not all sellers need the assistance of a full-service real estate agent as long as they have the knowledge and tools they need. Most of the real estate websites provide relevant information that would serve as your guide during the process.

2. For Sale By Owner (Fsbo)

In this option, the owner is responsible for all the aspects involved in selling the property. The main advantage of FSBO is that you will not need to pay a commission to an agent. As a homeowner, you can stick to the price and negotiate directly with the agent’s buyer. Although this traditional way can save you money from paying commission, it requires more time and effort. Selling and marketing strategy is up to you, taking high-quality photos, writing listing details, and scheduling showings.


This is one of the essential components of preparing your house for sale. Decluttering is the best way to make your home clean, spacious, and appealing to your potential buyer. Make it expansive and welcoming to the eyes of the visitors. Clear your countertops, shelves, and every corner. Inspect your home and have maintenance to have small fixes before the scheduled showing. Ensure that your house is in the best condition and it’s extra clean before letting your potential buyer drop by. Remember to evaluate the property based on a visitors’ perspective, how they would imagine themselves living in the house.

Reduce your price

If your house is not in an excellent location, dramatically altering your price can speed up the sale. I’m sure you have calculated everything before you determine the price. It is also vital to weigh the possibilities and priorities. If you need to follow a strict timeline to close the sale, prepare yourself to reduce the price. You can do some negotiations, but it is better to review your pricing if it takes too long to close the sale. People love to get big discounts, and the price is a huge motivating factor to close a deal.

Sell your house

Home selling is all about the strategy and ways how you can accomplish your goal. There are various factors to consider and not an instant process.  Sometimes your emotions get in the way, especially if you are selling your first house. You are not just leaving the property but also the memories along with it. That is why it is necessary to have thorough thinking before taking the first step of home-selling.