The idea of dual citizenship is alluring as you get the benefits of being a citizen of both countries. Not surprisingly, thousands of Americans pursue this goal every year. Italy is one of the choicest dual citizenship destinations because it offers the best of everything. You can enjoy a slice of the European lifestyle, avail valuable financial opportunities, and access quality education and healthcare on a budget. Even better, you can explore various options to reach the goal. If you want to pick the best route to get in, you can contact these professionals for qualified assistance on Italian citizenship. Here are the options to embark on this incredible journey.

Citizenship by descent

The descent route is ideal if you have ancestral connections in Italy. The good thing is that you can claim citizenship through an ascendant without any generational limits. But you must understand the eligibility conditions, such as the date of naturalization of your ancestor in another country. Also, applicants with a maternal connection may have to apply through the 1948 Rule if the woman gave birth before 1948. You will have to get the relevant documentation to validate your bloodline and apply at your local consulate. The process may take a couple of years, but it is still the easiest way to access the right.  

Citizenship by marriage

A person who marries an Italian is eligible to apply for citizenship by marriage. But you can apply only after a specific time period, which is two years for couples residing in Italy and three years for those living elsewhere. However, the period is cut to half if you have biological or adopted children with your partner. The documentary proof for the process includes your marriage certificate, IDs, and criminal checks. You will also get a certification of B1 level of proficiency in the Italian language to qualify for this process. Apply for citizenship by marriage, and you can start afresh with your partner and new family in Italy. 

Citizenship by naturalization

Applicants without ancestral connections and marital roots can explore the option of naturalization. Although the process seems long and daunting, it is easier than you imagine. You can get your second passport by residing in Italy for ten years and fulfilling the formalities of naturalization. It sounds like a long time, but you will hardly know once you get the benefits of the residence status. You can make the journey even easier by applying for an investor visa. It converts to a resident permit and citizenship subsequently. Sound knowledge of Italian immigration law is the key to completing your naturalization journey smoothly.

Deciding the right citizenship option sounds easy, but one route may be better than the other if you qualify for both. The best way to pursue the process is by collaborating with a local expert. They can guide you from start to end and ensure you do not go wrong with eligibility, documentation, or application. Not to mention, you feel more confident when having an expert showing the way.