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Eye to Eye with your music fans on Amazon

Using of the Amazon Music Spotlight tool to make your music popular and available to more fans. 

How to reach your fans using Amazon tools?

Now that, producers are gonna have over 3000 listeners to use the innovative Amazon Music for Artists’ Spotlight feature, that allows you to post audio messages.

 The spotlight platform features:

  • Promotion and announcing of your concert dates
  • Announcement to the listeners about your latest songs or creations
  • Getting deeper into the ocean of your creative process

Ten ways to get you out of the songwriting crisis

Do you remember the times, when you took your guitar or set down the piano and couldn’t find the necessary chords to play? Of course, it may be useful to start playing old melodies or songs to concentrate better before starting the composing process. It’s understandable that sometimes it may seem easier to listen to one of your favorite artist’s songs before you will start composing. 

So, if once you will feel puzzled, trying to find how to continue writing a song you’ve started, feeling lost of all hopes to go on, you should try to use some of the next ways provided below, that may help you to recover the inspiration back!

 Try the “20 Song Game” 

The “20 Song Game” feature provides you the way to compose twenty tracks or songs during twelve hours. It may obviously seem unbelievable to make such a great job in such a time. But anyway you should accept the next information. You‘ll understand how useful it can be. Imagine you were writing a song and got stuck. The “20 Song Game” shows you the way out in such a situation. 

Using this feature means that you are non-stop playing, recording, or writing your songs or ideas during the period of 12 hours. This method allows you to work with several of your songs. During that period of time, you are just working, correcting mistakes, adding something new to the song, or even deleting the whole one. 

While using this feature you may try to collaborate with your friends in music writing. Propose to make a competition in writing and composing to get the best motivation for yourself to follow this feature’s rules.