Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates and is known for its spectacular sky-scraping buildings, luxurious hotels, and shopping malls crammed with designer goods.

If you want to live in a thriving city that never sleeps and can offer you Michelin restaurants, world-class sporting activities and events, and exciting nightlife, then Dubai is probably the place for you. If you want to pack your bags and start a new life, here is some information on how to find the perfect property in this incredible city.

A Place to Start

Before you move to Dubai, it will probably be best to arrange a place to rent before you consider buying a property. 

Once you have lived in the rental property for a while and have decided where you wish to purchase your new home, you can do some research and ask your local realtor, ‘how much does local moving cost in Dubai?’ or ‘where are the best schools?’ Wherever you choose to set up a home in Dubai will be amazing.

A Place for Families

Your whole family will love living in Dubai. The city has plenty to offer people of all ages, and if you have young children, they won’t be disappointed when you show them your new home complete with a private swimming pool and access to beautiful beaches.

A great place to buy a family-friendly home is Jumeirah Village Circle. This complex is in the heart of new Dubai in a tranquil location. It comprises 18 districts and includes villas, apartments, commercial buildings, and townhouses for rental or purchase. The community is perfect for families because it has amenities such as schools, pharmacies, kindergartens, parks, and grocery stores.

A Place for Sporty Types

Dubai is one of the best places in the world for sporty people to visit or live. The dry, warm weather means you enjoy participating in a variety of sports whenever the mood takes you.

Dubai Hills Estate is a 15-minute drive from downtown Dubai. It is described as a ‘city within a city and has schools, playgrounds, volleyball courts, tennis courts, skate parks, cinemas, entertainment centers, bike paths, and swimming pools. The Dubai Hills golf course is close to the estate and the largest shopping mall in the UAE, which is currently under construction.

A Place for the Young, Free, and Single

If you are single and are looking to make Dubai your home, you could not have made a better choice. This magical city is new, exciting, and constantly expanding.

The city is filled with fabulous apartment complexes close to all amenities. If you love nightlife and stylish dining, the best places to buy a property are Downtown Dubai and The Marina.

Downtown Dubai is very chic and sophisticated. It is popular with young professionals who enjoy shopping in the high-end shopping malls such as the world-famous Dubai Mall and drinking cocktails at Ce La Vi, a sky-scraper bar with spectacular views across the city.