If you are in charge of travel for a corporation, you probably know the headache of finding everyone a place to stay that will be close to wherever they need to be and that will have all the amenities necessary to keep them comfortable and content. 

Home-sharing services offer a lot of options and hotels and motels. Are just as anxious as they’ve ever been to offer you package deals and gain your business. However, corporate apartments are one of the most reliable business travel options, and there are five main reasons why. 

1. Save Yourself Some Money

If your employees do quite a bit of traveling for work and stay at hotels, your travel expenses will be outrageous. Hotels charge you a big price for a small space. The taxes are outrageous, and you will still have to pay for meals. 

Corporate apartments offer weekly and monthly rates, and they come with full kitchens. You won’t have to worry about your employees expensing dinner at the priciest restaurants in town, and you won’t have to pay for them to try the latest in private label alcohol.

An employee can have a private room in a corporate apartment that they share. If you are relocating an employee, they can bring their spouse and children significantly lower costs.

2. The Apartment can Double as an Office

Most hotel rooms have a small cramped desk that doubles as a coffee station and a conference room that you have to book a month in advance. There are corporate apartment complexes that offer business centers and even in-suite conference rooms. Your employees can have breakfast catered in or cook it for themselves while discussing how to make your business grow and profit.

3. Employee Satisfaction

A corporate travel company can not only provide clean, comfortable housing, but their employees will be able to act as a concierge to your employees. They can help them find dining, shopping, and sightseeing options in town. 

Corporate travelers often want to combine business and leisure. If your employees can experience another city on a business trip, they’re less likely to take unauthorized time off and use vacation hours for such things.

4. It is Safer

Despite the doorman and the fancy awnings, hotels are not necessarily the safest places. Thieves often case hotel parking lots for unsuspecting travelers, and it is a meeting spot for other nefarious activities. Hotel hallways are not always patrolled by security.

Corporate Apartments off and have underground security cameras and coded access. You can also research the neighborhood in which you are staying for crime statistics.

5. Corporate Apartments are More Convenient

When a company buys property to rent out as corporate apartments, location is one of the first things they consider. Your employees won’t have to worry about being stuck out at a Convention Center in the middle of nowhere. Instead, you will be near shopping and dining when you rent a corporate apartment. The team that staffs a corporate real estate company will have. Strategically planned out the location of its properties for convenience. You can visit staffordhousing.com for more information.