For your home to feel fully enjoyable, it needs to be functional first. If you are a first-time house owner, it’s totally normal to be eager to make modifications and renovations to your soon to be a new home. Still, it’s important to remember that aesthetics comes second to practicality! But thankfully, there are so many fun ways to make your home into a cozy little space with the desired look of your choice while still making it livable. Here are some tips on how to turn your house into a more functioning, enjoyable space in no time!


Ever been in an empty room? It sounds and feels weird, right? Emptiness can be a big problem; it just feels cold and unsettling, but also living in a home that’s overflowing with things isn’t good either. That’s why the Element contractors advise you to plan out a floor plan and know exactly what goes where. A home should be spacious, but not too much; you want to hit a middle ground and create a cozy space but also comfortable to live in!


If you think about it, we have more space on our walls than we have on our floors, so why not use this to our advantage? Walls are not just there for pretty paintings and artwork, sure space looks better that way, but there are ways to be both practical and good-looking. If you want to empower your storage efficiency and be more productive and organized, add different things to your walls that will help you in your daily tasks. Add floating shelves to store stuff, a calendar and a whiteboard to keep track and stay organized, and a clock – who doesn’t like a google old clock on the wall!


Some people are more fortunate than others when it comes to their homes and the number of windows they have – you have no idea how much daylight makes a difference in day-to-day living. But some apartments and even small hoses have a limited amount of wall space, leaving no room for big windows. But, if you can’t have the luxury of beaming daylight, you can always compensate with some good old led lamps. Lighting is not only important for your eyesight, you do not want to read and do daily tasks in the dark, but it’s also a mood setter and can even make you happier! It can make all the difference to have bright lights during late hours, but it can also work as ambient lighting to cozy up space!


Storage space can be really tricky, depending on if you live in a house or an apartment. You can always use a spare garage to store all your miscellaneous items you don’t use every day, but that can complicate things once you actually need them – and end up never finding them. You should have small sections for storage in every room in your home, in this way, you’ll know what item belongs to what room and its purpose – it will help you find things more easily! This can be a bit tricky, but you can work around the problem if you have a designated chair in your bedroom that’s constantly under piles of clothes. Why not get a clothing rack instead? This is practical, and it also looks nice in the room!


Your bathroom needs to be a place where you get to relax, it’s your zen space, and it should be organized that way. As bathrooms are, in most cases, pretty small compared to other rooms in your home, it’s important not to clutter it too much and only keep the essentials. It should also be easy to clean; that’s why you should keep the surfaces of your sink or cupboard as minimal as possible with little to no items on top. Instead, think of alternative ways, like sewing a holder and hanging it on the bathroom wall – this way, your shampoo, makeup, and hairbrushes can be nicely stored and easier to reach when needed without causing clutter.


Nowadays it’s totally normal for our bedroom to become our office and work from home is getting more and more popular. While it’s hard to balance relaxing and working simultaneously, there are always ways to decorate the space and make it both useful but aesthetically pleasing. At the end of the day, it’s your bedroom, so you want to make it comfortable for yourself, but it’s always good to add details that will help you stay on track when it’s work time. Separating personal space from work can be hard in this situation, be creative, and add things that will calm and motivate you! If you can, add a space separator between your bed and your desk – this will immensely help organize space, work, and rest!

home functionality created with doors

Location is Key

Whatever you do in your home, keep in mind the actual purpose of the item you want to place, and rethink if you picked the right location. Big furniture pieces like couches and sofas should be placed first and other smaller items second, this way it will be easy for you to organize everything so you can have enough space. Whatever you do, make sure you measure everything, from walls and floors to furniture you already have, before deciding to buy another item. And remember, prioritize storage over nice looking furniture. Get decorative boxes or shelves instead, and place them in locations that are most convenient for you. 

Furnishing your home is hard, regardless if it’s your first time moving into your own space or if you already are a homeowner. But it’s all in keeping the balance, nobody wants to live in a cold, plain space with no decorations and art, but you don’t want to focus on the aesthetic too much and end up living in an art gallery with no storage place to store your old stuff. It’s a trial and error, but once you make it work, it will all be worth it!