The wedding industry steadily outdoes itself with the wedding trends we see today. And wedding dress designers are not left out, as they keep wowing us with the best trends on the runways. It’s more profound that there are wedding dresses to suit all wedding hairstyles and even pieces of jewelry you can imagine.

Minimalist, classic, modern, and every kind of bride has something to suit their personalities and wedding theme ideas. Designers threw it back, bringing the old world charm, and added new school twists to suit the present day. From the vintage beaded wedding dress to corsets, ruffles, dramatic sleeves, pants, florals, and laces. There are so many interesting varieties.

1. Nature’s essence

For 2020, the beauty of nature is well brought to the fore by exceptional designers. It brings us to the awareness that there’s a lot of untapped beauty in nature. With nature’s motifs being well played into perfection, designers have taken on the challenge to raise the bar. You’d find them in embroidered masterpieces, 3D appliques, petals, beaded laces, too fluttery leaves.

Designers like Theia bridal outdid herself by introducing microcrystals and beaded vines with outstanding detailing. For every dress, you’d see the essence of nature’s perfection, a fairytale story.  For Kate Halfpenny, it was the birds’ nests in her garden that sourced her inspiration. With an ever-supportive mother, she got her to hand-cut taffeta in gossamer silk.

This was, of course, saved from her past collections. We won’t forget Viktor and Rolf with its garden signature dress trends. This design maneuvered its way into incorporating sculptural wisterias into their collection. The nature-loving bride will say yes to this, as these designs have out nature in the spotlight.

2. Pearl glory

Pearls are exquisite, sophisticated, and ever timeless. They’ve served royalties and the crème of the society for generations. And now, they’re back in town and showcasing themselves everywhere from pieces of jewelry to embellishments and other fashion-forward stunts. To match the 2020 wedding trends, designers have decided that sweet modern brides deserve a touch of class. So you’ll find them in intricate detailing on skirts to give royal feedback. Carolina Herrera also does justice to pearls as she marshals them atop her wedding dress with a bow on the back. It creates a panel that compliments the billowing bow, giving it a bold look. With sale wedding dresses, she creates a mist of pearl to the fluttery sleeves. As the sleeves flutter, we’d see a dusting of pearly goodness that we can’t get over. Anne Barge doesn’t miss the lineup as she does a perfect double layer epaulet. One that stays timeless through seasons. You’d also find them along with waistlines, making smart belts on bridal dresses.

3. Vintage 21st-century lace

The truth is that, except for Florals, lace remains one timeless element of bridal ensembles. It has come through generations and keeps evolving. The way it has transitioned from the favored bohemian aesthetic to contemporary details of a vintage silhouette is divine.

Edem, a label from Russia, performs wonders by taking on the empire waist slip of the empress Josephine- esque dress. To this waist slip, it introduces a creative mix of embroidery to give off a rebellious element. Empire waist wedding dresses have never seen more goodness. We also see Laure de sagazan bring alive the chic Parisian vibe with high neck and short sleeve French lace crop tops. They combine with skirts to enforce the cool ambiance of Paris.

Wedding dresses Luxury Trends for 2020

4. Reinvented sleeves

From the Elizabeth era to the Victorian era, we’ve seen dramatic and stunning sleeves that never go out of style. But Sophie ET Viola did a number on her wedding dress with sleeves and lace. With a modern twist, she reinvents and transforms the voluminous sleeves of the Elizabeth era into something appealing for the modern bride.

The legendary designer Rime Arodaky delves into the excess of the 80s. Rime introduces a music-themed overblown pouf, highlighted by Duran Duran. Vera Wang shows up in her ‘A’ game by incorporating a grunge twist into the Victoria leg O’ mutton shapes. The designer of the Zoe Kravitz bridal biker ride shorts,

Danielle Frankel goes back to the 19th century. She takes the empire waist gown and puts her signature on it by creating deconstructed shoulder puffs with futuristic insights. Dramatic sleeves will trend in the year 2020, especially for bold, dramatic, and bohemian brides—something to give more sass, class, and old-world attitude to the wearer.

Wedding trends stylish simple dress with long sleeves

5. Flutter sleeves from the 70s

Going all the way back to the 70s, designers have dragged out the flutter sleeve wedding dress. And true to their creativity, they’ve managed to make it one of the best aesthetics for a wedding in 2020. They’ve taken out the dullness and drama associated with flutters and replaced them with a modern vibe.

Eisen-Stein or Watters dresses show off their skills by introducing soft lace ruffles to on or off-shoulder ‘A’ line skirted gowns. This gives off the sassy carefree, free-spirited, and chic vibe to the dress.

Valentino Sose also churns out stunning wedding dresses with structured layers on the shoulders for the elegant bride. Sophie ET Viola wows us yet again with a fluted three-quarter sleeve in perfect detailing we’ve seen. Overall, we get a direct chic minimalist collection for the season of 2020 wedding trends.

Wedding trends vintage sleeves wedding dress

6. Limitless corset

The wedding dress corset makes it into 2020 dress trends with varieties from Victorian to Elizabeth era. Lela Rose and Amsale offer the laid back and shy spaghetti-strapped versions of wedding dress lacy slip. But Danielle Frankel makes out a voluminous tulle high-low bubble gown with a cone bra. This bra is divine and punked out in silky satin.

Galia Lahav and Mira Zwillinger grace 2020 with a panel gown with an outer boning illusion. It gives a feel of the corset over a dress. And for Zac Posen, he reinvented his signature bustier of the red carpet for his “white one” debut. Merge this into his clean, sculptural ball gown, and you have something utterly gorgeous. These inclusions are well detailed to give the bride a perfect midriff and downright sexy bosoms. Whether demure or bold, every bride can comfortably rock one.

7. Whimsical shoulder draping

Going decades back, we discover that whimsical shoulder draping takes inspiration from the retro days. It goes further to enhance the romantic appeal of the reigning silhouette styles. Savannah Miller does justice to this style by offering a stunning minimalist alternative to this timeless slip dress. Stepping forward, Grace Kelly is elegantly channeled by Carolina Herrera and Anna Barge in their masterpieces. A perfect symbol of sophistication and minimalism.

The laid back tulle layers by Mira Zwillinger tell a different story. The straps fall free without a care in the world, looking all whimsical with attitude and sass. The whimsical shoulder draping on any dress gives the bride more poise while maintaining simplicity. They look all dramatic, but the calmness is in the drama.

8. Trendy bridal pantsuits

Brides are getting fashionably bolder and veering from the norm of girly dresses. Playsuits, overalls, pantsuits, and jumpsuits are welcome alternatives to wedding dresses. Hence, they are must-have elements of a modern and fashion-forward bridal ward bridal wardrobe. See them in their varieties of artistically tailored tuxedos made to fit the feminine silhouette. Lesbian brides will have a thrill with this one as it lets them channel their inner boss chic.

If you’re not in favor of tuxes, buy into the stunning separates, which can be easily paired with different items. It indicates that one doesn’t have to wear an all matching ensemble when working with a variety. The suave French lace overall also makes a debut, as it strikes a balance between chic and romance. Perfect for the beach and garden-themed wedding, this one gains ground.

Sahroo’s bridal close by giving us a crop top that’s made out of recyclable glass crystal. Match it to a top pant and finish with or without a breathtaking robe. Pants so far, have become a dream for new age weddings.

9. Athletic necklines

Over the years, it’s been sweetheart, canoe shapes, plunging, off the shoulder or strapless necklines. It helps the brides bring on their sexy ‘A’ game. But there’s a new sporty trend of necklines, which is the high neck halter silhouettes dresses. They come correct with limitless choices in skirt silhouettes. Make your pick from ball gown to mermaid, ‘A’ line to slips. Smart up with your choice of adornments such as florals, full beading, embroidery, or other forms of intricate embellishments.

You’ve been working out and want to show off your toned arms, or how good burpees have been to you? Do you feel like a little more support or coverage for the bosom area? Or you want to be a sporty girl for your nuptials? The high halter neck sleeveless wedding dress is your surest best. It shows off only as much as you need out there while flattering your body.

10. Dreamy sparkles

Sparkles made their gamut on the 2020 bridal runway following a metallic spectrum. A parade of beauty never before seen in such high end aesthetic. These sparkling masterpieces do a seamless job of transitioning the bride from ceremony to reception and after-party. There’s a lot to be beginning with the “it’s time to party” sequins at Aussie-label. This was a pick by One Day and is just perfect for whiling the night away.

Reception perfect sparkles in gold beaded fringes did a great job of blowing our minds away. Romantic with a bit of daring, it’s what boomerangs are truly made for. To bling through the eyes of guests, the runway showcased intricately gilded embroidery. This brings all the attention to the bride by catching the lights. It’s her day, after all. And if you’re pining for more oomph and grace, favor the crystal and gemstone embellishments. It’s all shades of royalty and elegance.

Wedding trends happy bride in white dress

11. New age prairie ruffles

The street style prairie dress craze comes to the runway with a modern bridal spin to it. Check out the expert hands of Lela rose bridal as it makes out the perfect bubbly pony de spirit tulle. This is combined with a single flounce to give the perfect finish. Theia shows up with a Frida Kahlo inspired fuchsia masterpiece. A bridal cynosure complete with silk organza ruffle tiers.

In a new twist, we see ruffles in Sahroo’s collared robe layers over expertly tailored hot pants. What makes everything most interesting is the play of colors. And the seamless incorporation of ruffles into the modern-day. Bridal designers have made ruffles appealing. Very busy, but ethereal at the same time.

For the love of creativity, let’s look at 11 top 2020 wedding trends to hit us in dresses.

Wedding trends on our list are dramatic, minimalist, sophisticated, or classics. Read up and stay fashionably inspired by the best trends.