Real estate agents hold a key position in buying, selling, or renting property. They mediate the process for both parties, making it simple and secure. In this highly competitive real estate market, customer experience is a core value that makes a real estate agency stand out from the rest. In this digital age, the real estate industry is going the extra mile to improve its customer reach over the internet as much as possible. If you are unfamiliar with how to stay one step ahead of your competitors, read on as we share with you some awesome tips you can implement that will surely help your customers search for properties in a detailed manner and provide them with a quality experience.    

Build an Online Presence

In this tech-savvy society, having a digital footprint is necessary to get potential clients while providing them with effective ways to search for their desired property. Virtually every real estate agent has a website but the ones with simple navigation, adequate responsiveness, and quality content get the most visitors. You can also add property locations, 360-degree property photos, and related material to your website so that the visitors get value for their time spent. 

Furthermore, build up your presence on social media platforms to promote your business. Most social media platforms have algorithms that show search results based on people’s interests. You can post pictures and property tour videos on your official social media pages. Social media influencers are also a good option if you want to reach out to potential users without waiting for a long time. As there are specific areas of online marketing that need to be addressed by experts, you might need to contact a digital marketing agency to help you through the process. 

Advanced Search

Most people nowadays prefer to browse the internet to look up their desired property before physically visiting it. As most real estate agencies have a plethora of properties to offer, an advanced search option is crucial to provide customers easy navigation until they find their desired property. Experts providing IDX services to tweak up search options for real estate agents suggest that an advanced search option should have filters like property type, location, budget, and specific details of the property that would narrow down the search results. Specifics of a property include things like a swimming pool, garden, condo area, and outdoor space to name a few. Ensure that the advanced search option is mobile-friendly as statistics suggest that 88% of people using the internet are mobile phone users. 

Be Specific

Every industry, including real estate, is now progressing towards providing niche-based services that cater to specific clients. Some examples of niche-based marketing include providing real estate services based on a specific location, the lifestyle of the client, and the architecture of the property. You don’t have to exert much effort if you follow a niche-based strategy as you will be the one giving answers while having in-depth knowledge of the site. Still, you have to make sure that you present information with expertise while keeping in mind their interests. 

Improve Communication

After short-listing properties based on their interests, customers will eventually contact the real estate agent for further assistance. Always communicate clearly and in a confident manner while you explain the details. If they have any reservations or questions about the property, make sure to answer with authentic information as this will build trust. 

Include floor plans in the listings

Did you know that floor plans are the 2nd most important feature on a listing, according to Zillow? While there are many apps and software options available, most real estate professionals still do not know how to generate a floor plan. Fortunately, there’s a tool that only takes 5 minutes and costs nothing if you are based in the US. CubiCasa’s Marketing Manager, Anastasia Corjan, explains in 4 easy steps how to create a 2D floor plan with your phone using scanning apps.

Mesmerize buyers by providing the essential real estate data they are looking for: property layouts and gross internal area. And the best part? It won’t cost anything from your marketing budget, as long as the property is under 5000 sq ft. Anastasia’s article also explores the potential to generate total square footage (GLA) and the possibility to order a 3D floor plan from the same 5-minute scan (available as extra add-ons).

Provide Authentic Information

Add blogs, virtual tours, and articles to your website that include details about your properties’ neighborhoods. Most people moving from other cities or those who are unfamiliar with the area might want access to this information that would help them decide. Information to include in these guides are:

  • Educational institutes in the area. 
  • Sports facilities and places for recreational activities.
  • Restaurants, malls, shopping amenities, and entertainment venues like cinemas, concert halls, parks, and nightclubs. 
  • Community groups working in the area.
  • The type of transportation facilities available like nearby public transportation spots and routes from the property that connects to the nearest highway.    

An important thing to remember is to revise the presented information every few months as venues for businesses and other mentioned facilities could change or relocate. 

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Running a successful real estate business requires consistent determination and hard work for the best outcomes. Making your customers feel that they are a priority will surely set you apart from your competitors and improve customer satisfaction. Implement the above-mentioned tips to allow customers to conduct in-depth searches, and grow your business while you provide the best customer experience.