Having the proper pointe shoes for training and dance performance is fundamental for learning how to dance in the first place. For every dance or type of sport, there’s a proper pair of shoes, apparel, and an experienced instructor to be fit and well-trained. These factors are all crucial for a professional dancer to float on stage smoothly. Read through our article to know why it’s important to have good quality ballet shoes.

The Perfect Fit

Speaking about ballet shoes, having the right fit is the most important aspect when you buy a pair of pointe shoes. The shoes should fit perfectly, just like a pair of socks. If it’s too tight or small, it will affect the toes and squeeze them into the shoes. This is a major cause of ingrown toenails and bone distortion; it can also cause great damage to muscles, chronic pain, and poor posture. Too large ballet slippers tend to cause blisters at the back of the foot since they’ll start rubbing throughout the class. The pain from blisters will affect the movement of the dancer, as well as the performance; stopping to modify the movement to stop the rubbing will ruin the whole dance. Learning to point your toes correctly is never going to happen if the ballet slippers are not the perfect fit. It’s wise to have your toenails clipped regularly and ensure they have the right shape so they don’t get harmed. You can learn how to shape your nails in this article from Cote.

Make Sure It’s Comfortable

You can’t learn how to dance if you’re not wearing comfortable shoes. Just like jogging or running, if you’re wearing a pair of uncomfortable running shoes, your feet will feel sore, and you will not be able to continue.

Good quality shoes are designed to keep your feet relaxed, avoiding injuries and pain. When choosing the right ballet slippers, don’t run into the nearest store since these types of shoes have to be purchased from specialized shops. There are several materials and designs in the market, and the references from the buyer’s guide for ballet shoes suggest that you buy a pair of ballet slippers that supports the freedom of your movement. If you experience any pinching or squeezing to your toes while trying on your pair of ballerina shoes, this means it’s not the right fit and can cause chronic pain in the future. Ballerina slippers are quite different from normal shoes; you might want to try a bit bigger or smaller than your usual size for a more comfortable and relaxed fit.

Know What Is Required

Before hitting the stores, it is better to ask the instructors and professionals there if they have certain requirements or prefer a specific material. Most of the dance schools follow the same standards. For instance, many of them require leather pairs with a bar-tacked elastic drawstring for toddlers and young dancers. Some dance studios and schools prefer a certain brand for different reasons, so it’s useful to ask the dance instructor in advance about the material, color, and design they require.

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For every dance type or sport, there are specific requirements for outfits, shoes, equipment, and tools. Ballet depends on the feet and legs of dancers for all the movements, which is why choosing a good quality pair of ballerina slippers is a crucial issue. Ballet shoes of good quality are essential to learning the right moves, a poor pair of shoes will not only hinder your movement but can also result in serious injuries and blisters.