Your vacation time is fast approaching, the snow is melting, and your vacation plans are soon to get started. We all love going on vacation and enjoying ourselves in the sun; however, before leaving, certain tasks must be handled. One of these tasks is your yard maintenance. Many folks forget that their property needs to be taken care of depending on the length of your trip. What can you do to keep your yard and property looking just as good as when you left?

Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Plan Ahead

The first thing you do when you book a trip is to start making plans about what to see, where to go, and what to do. This itinerary you make will be your general guideline for the vacation. Some plans will change, of course, but for the most part, it’s your plan. Why not do the same thing for your yard. Write down what you do and your proper procedures and practices. You might be able to convince a friend to help you out and come by do you a favor. If everything is planned out and ready to go, it is much easier to convince somebody to help you since you look organized and don’t make it seem like a huge hassle.


The best way to prepare for a vacation is to get all the large and tedious tasks out of the way as soon as possible. You should definitely at least mow the lawn before leaving for your trip. You will feel good for completing your tasks and not being lazy and procrastinating. On top of that, you will have one less thing on your mind when out in the sun.

Use of Fertilizer

If you know you are heading on vacation well ahead of time, then consider how and when you use fertilizer for your yard fauna. The fertilizer will make your plants grow significantly faster and larger, increasing their water and energy consumption. This may not be the best of ideas to use before going on a trip as the plants will run out of the water faster and may be more prone to wilting and dying. Wait to use the fertilizer after you come back from your trip, and you can watch your yard and plants grow under your supervision.

Take Advantage of Technology

Our modern society has created some handy tools and machines to help us out in our everyday lives. Nowadays, it’s hard not to find a “smart” appliance. If you can borrow or buy a robotic automower, it will eliminate the need to do the job yourself. Employing various other useful technologies such as timers, and sprinklers will help you get a lot of the work out of the way quickly.

Employ some Help

Like the idea of not doing any yard work at all but don’t like or trust the robots? Perhaps your yard is very intricate and requires special attention to specific details. Hire someone to trim your hedges, take care of your lawn and care for any exotic fauna you may be looking after. Doing this will get a lot off your mind knowing you have professionals handling your yard and property and making it look as good as it can be. This is important because maintaining good appearances in your neighborhood isn’t just important for aesthetics but safety as well. Your house may be a target of opportunity on your next vacation if it looks unattended from the outside.


If you are taking an extended trip, then it is doubly important to have someone taking care of your yard and property. Consider a house sitter if your leave is going to be a long one. This is a very important point because crooks look for targets of opportunity like this. People who leave their homes unattended are easy targets for a break and entry and having all your valuables stolen. Having a house sitter or even just keeping up appearances around the house can help dissuade some wrongdoers from targeting your home.

Going on vacation or an extended trip can keep your mind occupied and make you forget about what needs doing. Get yourself a paper and pencil and write down what you do to maintain your yard. Call a good friend and see if they will help you out for a case of beer or other such bribery. If that’s not an option, then consider hiring a professional to come by on certain days of the week to maintain your yard. You can rest easy knowing your friend isn’t mowing down your favorite petunias. Make sure that if your trip is an extended one that you keep your home looking like it’s being taken care of to avoid the attention of burglars. Follow that advice, and your trip will have you basking in the sun without a care in the world.