Cancun is a famous destination for tourists; a multitude of visitors comes yearly for its beautiful beaches and clear waters. It is located in the southeast part of Mexico and is a part of the state of Quintana Roo. The luxurious resorts and wide spaces have staged numerous parties, spring break, and other memorable events. But these crowded proceedings is not the universal mood of this city as there are places around Cancun that offer solace to people who enjoy peace and tranquility.

Here are some tips for your visit to experience the best of what Cancun has to offer:

Schedule your trip

Knowing when to visit Cancun can make a lot of changes to your plan when you’re there. Weather is one of the factors to consider when you visit the place. For one thing, Cancun is facing the Caribbean Sea and is seldom visited by hurricanes from August to October. It is recommended to cancel your trip if a hurricane is expected to head to the Yucatan Peninsula. A lot of people visit during the winter to escape the harsh cold of the North. However, rates tend to surge during this season. The best time to visit is in April or May when the weather is warm, and it’s not yet hurricane season.

When enjoying the outdoors in Cancun, don’t forget to use sunscreen. This is also to avoid being burned early in the trip, which could dampen the experience if you’ll be cringing in pain due to sunburn.

Also, prepare your passport. This is a government mandate, and it is important to comply. It is advisable to have a passport with more than six months before expiration.


As mentioned above, the season of your visit will affect your budget, but the price is relatively favorable because of the exchange rate against the dollar. US dollars are also widely accepted, but there are advantages of exchanging currencies. You can use Credit Cards, but to avoid the dangers of the risk of identity theft, you can withdraw money from ATMs.


As a basic rule in traveling, accommodation should be planned ahead of time. There many places to stay in Cancun and for safety, it is best to stay at the Hotel Zone. This place is relatively safe and is clustered with different resorts and hotels in the area. There are some people who’d enjoy more to get away from the sky rises and find some local accommodations near famous destinations outside the metro.

Famous destinations

Cancun is known for numerous sites and scenery. You can take a day trip to visit multiple sites at a time. Some of these sites are famous museums and markets, so if you plan to shop for some memorabilia and souvenirs, make sure to know how to negotiate with the vendors.

Here are some of the places that people look forward to visiting:

  • Market 28

A traditional scenic area that has colorful local vendors. It is the largest marketplace, and various items like leather, silver, glassware, and traditional Mexican linen can be bought here.

  • Museo Subacuático de Arte

Several sculptures are displayed, which holds as a stage for corals to help the damaged ecosystem.

  • Chichen Itza

This is a little far away from Cancun, but the remarkable site is worth the trip. The Temple of Kukulkan and the beautiful wall artwork and columns make the place a capital attraction.

  • Isla Mujeres

A trip by ferry will get you to the traditional and beautiful fishing of Isla Mujeres or “Island of Women.” You can engage in various water activities like kayaking, fishing, and swimming with sharks.

  • Hidden Worlds Cenote Adventure Park

A wide range of underwater caves and caverns is one of the famous attractions in Cancun. You can enjoy the pristine waters and traverse across the trees on their SkyCycle, and other rides.

  • Museo Maya de Cancun

This facility is intended to share the city’s rich history and culture. It displays numerous Mayan artifacts of the Mayan people that originally settled in the area many years ago.


It is advisable to arrange your transportation ahead of time as it can get complicated when you’re there. Going to the hotel, it is good to take the shuttle for its price. Transportation companies are in a heated competition with each other, so it’s good to get a reliable and safe service provider early on.

You can expect to be surrounded by drivers, rental cars, and agents to offer their service. A simple “No, Gracias” will be accepted, and they will move on to the next person.

Consider Childcare

If you are traveling with kids, it is best to select places where there are amenities that are specifically designed for children. There are also services that you can drop the child off for them to entertain while you explore other parts of the city.


Always mind your surroundings wherever you go. Nightlife is one of the significant elements in the city, and it’s buzzing with tourists and locals alike looking to experience most of the city’s bars and clubs. But it is important to note that violence occurs sporadically in the city. So know the rules and regulations of the city and take care of your valuables. Also, don’t be bothered by people carrying assault weapons. The police are armed to deter malicious elements in the area, especially in crowded places.

Don’t skip out on bottled or purified waters while in the city. The place is hot, and it is advisable to keep yourself hydrated, but it is recommended to be careful of the source. Request for purified water in restaurants or hotels; this is to avoid an aching stomach in your trip.

For whichever purpose of visiting Cancun, you will find some enjoyment in visiting this world-renowned travel destination. This place has a lot to offer, like any travel out of town, it is always best to be prepared and know what to expect.