Everybody loves a good barbecue. From showing off your master meat-grilling skills to cracking your best jokes, there’s nothing quite like it to enjoy the outdoors and have a great time with your family, friends, and neighbors. If you’re planning your next barbecuing event or Sunday roast, there are several ways to elevate the party and offer your guests a truly memorable, deluxe experience. From cuts of meat and smoking equipment to decoration and entertainment tips, your backyard is bound to become a favorite leisure destination for all.

In that sizzling spirit, we’ve put together a friendly guide loaded with useful tips to help you take your seasonal party to the next level. Be ready to become the ultimate barbecue trendsetter!

1.   Preparation

First and foremost, the key to a successful barbecue is adequate and thorough preparation. You’ll need to anticipate how many people will be present to buy food, drinks, and party supplies accordingly. Don’t hesitate to purchase extra if your guests show up hungry and thirsty! You certainly don’t want to run short mid-way, which can be a serious party killer.

2.   Buy Premium Protein

Ditch the plain, frozen, store-bought burgers and hotdogs and visit your favorite butcher to get some premium cuts of meat. Nothing screams quality and refinement like a nice sirloin, fillet, or ribeye steak. These juicy cuts are guaranteed to please your crowd, provided you cook them at the right temperature. Ribs are also an all-time favorite. In addition, you can get some leaner proteins such as chicken and turkey breasts, to be marinated in advance, to provide options for those who prefer poultry.

3.   Get Yourself an Electric Smoker

Who said barbecues were only for grilling? Distinguish yourself and invest in an electric smoker to amaze your party guests with tasty smoked meats. Smoking comes with enhanced flavor and versatility. If you want to know more about this fun type of food preparation, the ElectricSmokerGuy is a fantastic resource to get you acquainted with smoking techniques and equipment. There’s nothing like it to get a conversation going and to demonstrate your sophisticated abilities as a chef!

Assorted delicious grilled meat with vegetable over the coals on a barbecue

4.   Have a Variety of Side Dishes and Sauces

A barbecue feast wouldn’t be complete without delicious side dishes and sauces. You’ll want to stick to the classics; coleslaw, mac and cheese, roasted potatoes, fresh salads, and pasta, and feel free to add a twist to them. You can find tons of recipes for original, tasty side dishes online. Likewise, sauces have their importance too; from timeless barbecue to hot sauce and salsa verde, have options!

5.   Drinks Business

Equally important to the success of your barbecue are your beverage options. Include anything from sodas and root beer to fresh lemonade; it’s guaranteed to make all the difference. For alcoholic drinks, a must is a cold, refreshing beer. You can also include wine —red goes best with meat— and liquors like a fine scotch. If you’re feeling fancy, pop some champagne or prepare a batch of margaritas to show off those bartending skills! It’s important to cater to all tastes.

Dessert table

6.   Offer a Dessert Buffet

Your guests will probably crave something sweet after feasting on all that savory goodness, so why not treat them to an upscale full dessert buffet? You can include anything from your favorite pies and cookies to fresh fruit. It may also be a good idea to ask guests to prepare and bring their favorite dessert specialty; it’ll save you time and effort and maybe a fabulous topic of conversation for any bakers in the crowd.

7.   Hire a DJ

Know that entertaining your guests is just as important as feeding them. In that spirit, if your music playlist is dated or you don’t want to be bothered with selecting tunes, hiring a professional DJ might be the right move to elevate your party, and wow everybody, especially past sunset when stomachs are full and minds are tipsy. This can be a fantastic way to indulge in some dance moves. Make sure you have an adequate sound system and to put up some decorative lights for a cozy ambiance.

All things considered, organizing an upscale barbecue shouldn’t be too difficult with some preparation and a couple of essential purchases. With the help of these recommendations, you’ll turn into a super host, satisfy your guests’ appetite, and keep the party going. For further ideas on how to throw the best barbecue, don’t hesitate to scour the internet for some unique recipes and decoration ideas that’ll make people ask when you’ll be throwing your next backyard gathering!