We take photos of nearly every occasion we want to remember. When it comes to really special events like your wedding, a picture isn’t just worth a thousand words; it’s an entire novel. If you want to relive one of the most important moments of your life, fill up a wedding photo album with a Springfield photographer.

How to Create an Unforgettable Wedding Photo Album

Creating a customizable wedding photo album online can remove much of the hassle of making one yourself, but you’ll still need to set up your album in a pleasing way by using our tips.

1. Start With a Custom Cover

Wedding album covers are either plain, include text (the couple’s last names and wedding date), or feature your favorite couple’s photo. Some may include text and an image but try not to go overboard. Find a photo that represents the rest of the album to set the viewer’s expectations. 

2. Place Photos Chronologically

Your wedding album tells the story of your big day, so you shouldn’t place your images in random order. Typically, a wedding album will begin with photos of the venue or pictures of you and your spouse getting ready. Family photos or pictures of the wedding party follow after.

The ceremony and reception should start around 2/4s of the album and end at the 3/4 mark. Your final shots can include leaving the ceremony, the bouquet toss, and anything extra.

3. Play With the Photo Sizes

In the 70s, 80s, and 90s, most photo albums used the standard photo size, 4×6, because it was inexpensive to print. Now, you can fill up the pages of your wedding photo album with any photo size and still create an inexpensive product, so experiment with layouts and aspect ratios.

4. Fill Out One Spread at a TIme

It’s easy to get ahead of ourselves when we’re planning something as important as a wedding photo album, but try to go slow. Unlike a book, the pages in your album are as good as the pages next to them. That’s why it’s important to focus on the whole spread, not a single page.

When looking at both pages next to each other, consider the theme and the way everything is presented. Ask yourself if your spreads represent a moment or if you have a consistent flow.

5. Focus on Color Coordination

The colors of your wedding day will be visually prominent in your album, which makes it easier to color code your pages. If you plan to add something extra to the pages, like items or text, make sure it matches with the rest of the spread and, ideally, the entire wedding photo album.

6. Include the Whole Wedding Party

Your wedding day wouldn’t be the same without your wedding party. When creating your page spreads, check that every person in your wedding party is in at least one photo. If you don’t have a lot of extra space, use a group shot or make a collage spread of smaller headshots.

When your guests look at your album in the future, they’ll want to find themselves somewhere on the pages because it makes them feel like they were an essential part of your wedding day.

7. Only Use a Few Captions

Adding a few captions here and there isn’t a bad idea, but you don’t want to crowd your photos with quotes and text. Let your wedding photos speak for themselves. In cases where visuals can’t do a moment justice like during a wedding speech, add captions or key phrases.