One of the best ways to raise a happy, creative, and healthy child is to get him a suitable set of toys. As they play with their toys, their minds are entertained while the body receives a good dose of exercise. Depending on what you pick for your baby, toys can also make great tools to aid learning, growth, and development.

Nonetheless, babies are little explorers when it comes to toys. Picking the wrong toys can put your baby at risk of bodily injuries, unpleasant behavior, or poor development. When picking the right toys for your little angel, here are some tips you will find helpful.

1. Choose from a Wide Variety

As earlier mentioned, toys are quite beneficial in supporting the growth and development of babies. Playing with toys allows your baby to evolve and exercise new skills in his own stride. Before buying a toy, always consider the ones your baby already has, and buy a different type based on the purpose. If you want to promote healthy growth and brain development for your baby, experts say a wood play gym can be an amazing choice. Besides helping your cute little thing improve their motor skills, it also helps them practice cognitive skills. The best part is that these wooden play gyms can be used by kids from the age of three months.

Also, consider trying something new each time, considering aspects like color, shape, texture, and so forth. Buy unrestricted toys that can be used in diverse ways like the blocks. They will help in developing the imaginative skills of the baby. A variety of toys will help exhibit your baby to countless prospects and experiences in his post-womb world. Choose toys that will challenge and nourish his thinking, preferably those that won’t outgrow your baby (at least not for a few years).

2. Consider Their Safety

Safety must always be prioritized when it comes to picking toys for your baby. Some toys come with health hazards like choking if not handled properly. This is because babies tend to put everything in their mouths. Before buying a toy, ensure it does not have small parts that the baby can swallow. With the safety of your baby in mind, you can easily identify the ideal toys to get them. For instance, you cannot buy your baby a toy with tiny beads – she will doubtlessly try to chew or gulp them. Some helpful safety guidelines when choosing baby toys include:

  • The toy should be washable to clean off germs and avoid infections
  • They should not be painted with toxic materials
  • Ensure they are not too heavy – heavy toys can injure your baby
  • Avoid toys with pointed and sharp edges

3. Be Guided by the Age

If there is a common language among babies, it must be toys. Babies are always eager to learn new things as they grow. They love experiencing new territories in the toy world. As a parent, you need to research and find out which toys are appropriate for your baby by age. Don’t just buy a toy for the sake of buying. If the baby is less than a year, choose lightweight, soft rubber squeak toys that are easy to grasp.

The toys you pick should go together with the baby’s age. This will help him to master and have ease while operating. For instance, babies below 6 months old are mostly fascinated with sounds, movements, or colors. Therefore, you cannot buy a cooking playset for a two-month-old baby.

4. Stimulation

In the past, buying a toy for your child did not make much sense. Today, the contrary is true. Every baby owns a toy, from the newborn to toddlers and older ages. When approaching the stores for a toy, you cannot go with a blank mind. You need to be specific on what you want to achieve and then narrow down your options to the ideal pick. Otherwise, you might end up buying the whole store. Consider buying baby toys that can strengthen their development and stimulate their creativity. Pick toys that can help improve the baby’s sense of touch, sound, and sight… something that boggles their mind!

baby toys

When playing with toys, babies get a wide range of benefits. However, choosing the right toys for a baby can be inundating if you don’t know what to look for. With the vast array of toys flooding the market today, you can hardly tell which one to pick. Luckily, the few tips above can serve as a helpful guide for you when approaching the stores.