Some people may go for the easy task of selling their non-running car by putting up a “for sale” sign and leave their car on the side of the road, but you cannot rely on this alone nowadays. 

Websites to sell your car

Right now, there are actually dozens of ways to look for buyers of your car. When asking yourself, where can I sell my car that doesn’t run? There are many websites dedicated to buying and selling used cars. You have to note that many, if not all, of the brand names below, will show mostly professional dealer listings ahead. They have little to no private party sellers that will be available in your local area. If they have, they will have lower rankings on the search engine within that website. 

Here are a few places to check out online when you are trying to buy or sell your vehicle:


If you are selling your car from eBay, you should choose to offer a “Buy it Now” option. This is where the buyer pays outright for the item without any auctioning required. 

Another option for you is the popular eBay auction process. The fee to use this site is $60 if you are selling your car for $2,000 or less, and it is $125 if the selling price is higher than $2,000. It is a great option for sellers with unique and hard-to-find cars. 

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Autotrader gives you a chance to sell your used car for the cost of advertisement fees. These fees range from $25 for a basic ad package lasting for a month to $100 for a premier option of “Run ‘til It Sells.” They also have an expert help offering, which they call the VIP Service. They will sell your car by doing all the work and offering you a privacy shield that screens phone calls from solicitors and providing you an anonymous phone number. This is a good way to ensure that you avoid the dangers and scams when selling your car. In this way, you do not have to put your personal information out in public via the internet. 

If you want to look at the option of trading your car with a dealer, Autotrader’s partnership with KBB allows users to receive a cash offer from participating dealers. 


CarGurus is great because they do not charge you any penny to list your car. From the description that you will provide, such as mileage, options, and other details, you will see a Price Analysis together with their Instant Market Value and Dealer Trade-In Estimate. What you could do is adjust your selling price and get quick feedback on where your car will place in their search rankings and how much CarGurus think it is over or underpriced. You can also get to see the best-priced deals in your area, which will gauge how your car might quickly sell. They also take pride in their over 20 million shoppers per month. While there is still competition with certified car dealers in search results, CarGurus will help you sell your car with their tools and deal analyzers. 

There is really a lot of options right now to sell your car. Using websites like the ones above and using the tools and strategies they offer will surely help you find a great deal.