After weeks of preparation and anticipation, every student’s favorite night is here – prom night! You still have over 24 hours before the gates open, so what should you do at this time before prom? Many teens before had a disastrous prom because they were unable to prepare the night before, so it’s best to know what it is exactly you should do.

The chances are that your prom dress/suit and ride for the special day are already prepared. Still, you can do some other things to make sure that you are at your best during prom night. If you have no idea what to do, here’s a short checklist of stuff you need to prepare the night before prom.

Check Your Dress One Last Time

A nightmare for many prom attendees has to go to the event with a dress that has issues. Prom dresses are expensive, lavish, and amazing, but they aren’t exactly immune to getting damaged during those few hours before you wear the dress. What do you need to check for in your dress?

  • If it’s a custom-made dress, then it’s probably going to fit you as properly as possible. If it’s a pre-made dress, then some parts of the outfit might not be your proportion. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to measure your dress a night before an event. This should give you ample time to make the right adjustments before the day.
  • Your dress might be hanging around the closet for a few days already. Bugs and other pests might’ve already gotten to it. It would be best to check for tiny holes in your dress before prom. If the holes are really tiny, you can easily fix them through sewing.
  • For suits, it’s best to iron your outfit the day before prom. After ironing, hang it around the closet so it doesn’t get creased anymore. Ironing it a day early not only removes the hassle of doing it a few hours before prom. It also conditions your suit better as well.

Once you’ve already worn your dress, make sure to avoid eating food that can stain your clothes. Food items and condiments like coffee, chocolate, and ketchup are definitely going to leave a stain on your dress or suit, so avoid them. If you really can’t help eating your favorite snacks, make sure to be very careful when eating them.

Take Care Of Your Skin!

It doesn’t stop at being the best dressed for prom. You should also make sure that your complexion is at its best during the special night. Lucky for you, 24 hours is more than enough to ensure that you have amazing skin the following day. There are many ways to make sure to get gorgeous skin overnight, and it all starts with being well-hydrated the day before.

Drink lots of water the day before prom to ensure that there’s enough liquid in your body to make your skin as fresh and plump as possible. As for food, you should eat juicy fruits and rich vitamin C as they help keep your skin moist. On your avoid, the list should be oily and salty foods before you sleep.

Now, make sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep to get eye bags in the morning. Before you get some shut-eye, though, try a sheet mask to help hydrate your skin. These are amazing cosmetic items that you place on your face for around 10-15 minutes.

You probably have your makeup prepared for the next day already, but it isn’t necessary to pack your face with concealers, blush on, and other cosmetics. If your skin is moist and perfect before prom, only a touch or two of makeup will be enough to keep your face looking perfect.

Keeping Your Hair Perfect

Besides your skin, you should also take a few steps to ensure that your hair is perfect for prom night. Whether you’re having your hair done for prom or you want to keep it flowing as is, it’s a must to make sure that your hair is in good condition.  As with your skin, the process begins with the night before prom.

Before going to bed, you’d want to make sure that your hair is as dry as possible. Sleeping with wet hair isn’t recommended at all as it makes your hair frizzy overnight. Aside from making sure that it’s dry, it’s a good tip to make sure that it’s as straight as possible by tying it in a ponytail using a silk ribbon.

Take a bath several hours before prom as you wouldn’t want to be going to prom with wet hair. If you want your hair to stay silky smooth, make sure to treat it with shampoo and conditioner well while taking a bath. Instead of leaving it out to dry, use a blow-dryer to get the excess water off, and then brush your hair gently.

Make Sure Everything Is Already Sorted Out

You shouldn’t stress yourself out about anything during the day of the prom. As such, it’s better to have everything sorted out the day before. This means checking if you already have a ride to prom and that you already have your tickets if your school requires them.

Most importantly, check up on your date as well. Remember, prom isn’t just about you; it’s also about your partner as well. Ensure that they are already prepared the day before prom, so they look just as great as you.

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The day before prom is just as important as the day of the prom itself. It dictates how well you look during prom. Perhaps the most important tip we can give is not to stress yourself out. A prom is just a school event that you need to enjoy. It shows your appearance if you’ve been stressed out the day before, so make sure to stay calm, happy, and relaxed.