With the sunshine in full force and restrictions easing in Australia, many are rushing to plan their next great outdoor adventure around the beautiful country we call home. The road trip journey is one that is loved by many of all ages and is a classic exploration getaway experience with friends, family, and loved ones. 

If you’re planning for your next great Aussie road trip, you’ll want to stick around. Today, we have a look at our top 7 tips for planning the perfect road trip this summer, so keep on reading to find out more! 

  • Car Service & Collision Preparedness

The first thing you’ll want to do is schedule an appointment with your local mechanic, both to get your car serviced prior to setting out on a journey, and potentially even forgetting your card hardwired so that you can install a dash camera. Why invest in a good dash camera? In the simplest terms, equipping your car with a high-definition dash cam will provide you with total peace of mind when on the road, as you’ll have access to recordings on the road in the event of a collision. A good dash cam is basically the foundation of your collision preparedness.

On that same note, it is also undoubtedly important that you book your car for a thorough check-up with a licensed mechanic in order to ensure that your car is in perfect working condition. Your mechanic should have a look at your tires, transmission, steering, suspension, brakes, and engine health before giving you the green light to embark on your outdoor adventure. The last thing you want is for a flat tire or busted engine to put a damper on your exciting road trip, which is why scheduling a car service at least a few weeks in advance is an absolute necessity. 

Take note that many mechanics get crazy busy as peak holiday time approaches, so scheduling your appointment in advance is an absolute must. This way, you’ll have time on your side should your car require repairs in the lead-up to your getaway.

  • Pack An Emergency Kit

There’s no such thing as being too prepared, and this applies to your road trip getaway too. In the slight chance that you may break down, being prepared can mean the difference between a quick solution and a total disaster. Be sure to put together a car emergency kit that includes a small first-aid kit, water, non-perishable food items, jumper leads, and some cash. Always remember to keep your car insurance details, roadside assistance, policy contact numbers, license, and registration in your glove box too!

  • Gather Lots Of Snacks 

As fun as road trips are, the truth is that they can be tiring. Driving along long stretches of the open road with no service stations insight is a common occurrence, meaning that you’ll be better off keeping a stash of snacks ready whenever your tummy starts to grumble. Great snack ideas include trail mix, sandwiches, wraps, and protein bars. If any of your snacks happen to be perishable, be sure to keep them cool in an esky. Don’t forget to stock up on beverages to keep yourself hydrated as well!

  • Necessary Navigation

If you don’t already have a navigation system installed in your phone (or one that is built-in to your car), you need one. Some of the most popular navigation apps include Google Maps, Apple Maps, Sygic, and Waze. Always remember to plan for the worst too — a navigation app is useless if your phone loses signal, so be sure to get your hands on an old-fashioned map for emergencies.

  • Prepare A Great Soundtrack

No road trip is complete without an amazing soundtrack that you can sing your lungs out to! Tunes can make or break a long drive, so be sure to prepare a couple of playlists on your phone prior to your trip. Apps like Spotify have feature playlists curated especially for road trips, but be sure to check that the music included is up to your alley before relying on them. If you have children who will be accompanying you on your road trip, be sure to download a couple of movies or kids’ TV shows on your tablet to keep the little ones entertained and tantrum-free!

  • Plan Your Stops

Experts recommend stopping every 2 hours or so on a long trip, especially if you are feeling tired, drowsy, or claustrophobic. Anytime you start feeling uneasy, it is always recommended that you pull over in order to refuel, get some fresh air and stretch those limbs out. A short walk every couple of hours will also ensure proper circulation in your legs and arms, thus greatly reducing the chances of ending up with painful and uncomfortable cramps that will take away from your amazing road trip. If needed, be sure to check for any motels at MotelMatcher along your route to ensure that you have somewhere to rest overnight if required.

  • Keep The Windows Down

If weather permits, you should consider driving with your windows down. Fresh air is always fantastic for the body and the wind on your face will naturally wake you up and keep you aware of your surroundings. Having the window down can also help in chaotic road situations, allowing you to better hear and see traffic in your surroundings.

Driving holidays are an incredible way to experience nature and all the sights and sounds of Australia. With these 7 expert tips, you’ll be able to make your next great Aussie road trip as convenient and pleasant as possible! Safe driving and happy holidays!