New Year, New you! I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. Hit the gym, walk more, eat healthy foods. So many people plan to change their lifestyle in the new year but how many people really stick to it? With a routine the absolute key is consistency! Restricting your diet for a few weeks at the beginning of the year will only leave you craving the things you have cut out. A healthy diet is all about balance. So, cutting out all the bad foods will not work in the long term and the results you want to see from this new diet will seem out of reach. Wellbeing365 believes the best approach is to make good, healthy food choices, with your body in mind. Here is some of their best advice for transforming your diet, so you can have a healthy new year and a healthy lifestyle overall. 

Incorporate a variety of foods into your diet 

Getting the right nutrients is so important when it comes to eating a well-balanced diet. These nutrients will support both your physical and mental health, contributing to your general health Three simple changes you can make to a diet to ensure you have three balanced meals a day is to use fresh ingredients, control your portion sizes, and incorporate a variety of foods into your diet. Although this requires planning and making thoughtful choices, it will be far easier to stick to than restricting yourself by going on strict diets. A balanced diet means you can continue to enjoy your favorite dishes in moderation. 

Meal planning 

Meal planning and/or meal prepping is an ideal way for people to take control of their daily food intake. By planning your meals each week, you are much more likely to stay on track with your healthier diet plan. Not only this but you may even save some money too! If you choose to plan your meals for the week, grocery shopping will feel so much easier, as you know what you need to make the dishes you have planned. 

You could take this one step further by meal prepping, which requires you to cook your meals in advance, covering your lunch and dinner for the next few days. This is a great way to save yourself some time whilst continuing to eat healthy, well-balanced meals. 

Eat when you feel hungry 

This seems obvious but many people will hold off eating for as long as possible, either because they are busy or believe this will contribute to weight loss. When hungry you should eat. Satisfying your body’s needs is so important and eating when you first feel hungry will prevent those overwhelming hunger pains which will push you to eat the fastest and often least healthy option available to you. If you give yourself time to care for what your body wants you will be much more likely to make the right choice when it comes to fuelling your body. 

Take time to find what works for you 

 You are in control of your own body; you know what works and what doesn’t work. Giving yourself the time to transform your diet and reach your goals should be considered a long-term process, not something which should happen overnight. It is much easier to stay consistent if you make small changes over time.