According to the American Humane Society(, each year 3.9 million pets are killed in shelters. This is nearly 4 million deaths per year, countless lives that could be saved if people took certain actions or made different choices for their pets.

One of the easiest ways to save a pet’s life and also keep it sheltered, happy, and healthy is to make sure you have all of the proper equipment your pet may need inside the house. Some of them will be discussed here.

Dog Litter Box

Potty training is not only important for little children, but for pets as well. A helpful thing for anyone who has a cat (and other pets) that likes to go or leave their scent on other places besides their designated litter box is a dog litter box. While they are not usually marketed as just “dog” litter boxes, they will work just fine for your furbaby. They’re easier to clean than most normal litterboxes because they have a grate in the bottom that allows any solids to fall through into a pullout tray at the bottom while letting liquids seep through holes in the grate. If you have both a cat and a dog living with you, a dog-proof litter box is highly recommended for your cat to avoid a messy and smelly house.

Some things you should make sure to do when using a dog litter box is to use unscented cat litter (most dogs are not fans of scented litters; this includes clumping and non-clumping litters), avoid wood chips, sawdust, or cedar shavings because they can cause blockages if your pet ingests them, and also be careful with marble chips which have been known to kill dogs.

Poop Cleanup Bags

Cleaning up after pets is never fun or glamorous but it has to be done. Knowing that the poop will be bagged properly and then disposed of in places where it cannot harm other people, pets, or the environment makes the job a lot better. It also gives pet owners peace of mind knowing that their yard/park/beach isn’t going to be soiled by their pet’s droppings.


In case you don’t have a spare bedroom or den to set up as a puppy/kitten area, kennels are the next best thing. Don’t be afraid of spending a little extra money on a high-quality kennel – it’s going to save your house from being chewed up! Be sure to take measurements of your pet – if you buy something too small they will soil it and make the kennel smell really bad over time.

Pet Door

A pet door can be an easy way for your pet to go in and out whenever they please without tromping through mud puddles or getting annoying dirt all over the carpets. Pet doors usually come with some sort of cover so that when you are not home your pet cannot gain access, but it’s so easy to use that you probably won’t have much of an issue.


Whether you get a metal, ceramic, or plastic bowl it doesn’t matter – just make sure they are deep enough for your pet to eat and drink out of without having food/water spill all over the floor. Ceramic bowls may be best since dogs love chewing on things…it will give them something other than your furniture to bite on! Think about getting two dishes though, one for water and one for food. If other members in the house share meals with their pets make sure everyone has their own bowl. You wouldn’t want someone else’s hair in your food…


As much as dogs love shoes, they love their own toys even more! Toys are fun, let them play with you, and keep them out of trouble. Chew toys will help prevent your dog from chewing up your furniture, while plush toys give the same satisfaction that a stuffed animal does for a kid. Balls can be used to play fetch or just provide mental stimulation by having the dog figure out how to get it back into his/her mouth.


Although some people will say not to use a crate since dogs should not be left in small spaces, crates are extremely useful when house-sitting. A lot of dogs use crates as their safe space so they can feel secure when their owners are away. Crates also serve as an easy way to transport pets when you have to leave the house.

your pets

Investing time into properly taking care of one’s pet(s) ensures that it/they will be healthy and happy and prevent messes inside the house which could otherwise cause harm, disease, or death. Being prepared with doggy cleanup bags, dog litter boxes, and other equipment goes a long way in ensuring your pet’s safety and health.