Long trips can be fun if you’re well prepared for them; on the other hand, they can be hell if you are not prepared properly. They can be a great opportunity to visit new places, get out into nature and fresh air, and clear your head. If your car isn’t ready, though, you won’t be able to chill through the drive. No matter how new your car is, you still need to make sure it’s ready for being on the road for a long time. You definitely don’t need anything to go wrong in the middle of your drive, where there may be no gas stations or car repair places available.

To avoid getting stuck in an unfortunate situation like this, you need to make sure you have everything you need for your car to move smoothly without breaking down. In this article, we will give you some tips to make sure you have a smooth, fun drive without worrying about your car doing anything funny. Read on and get ready for an awesome drive.

Check The Head Gasket

Some people don’t pay much attention to a cracked gasket, assuming it’s just a small crack that won’t do any harm. They’re mostly wrong. When cracks aren’t dealt with soon, they get bigger, leading to an expensive blown head gasket. The consequences of driving with a blown head gasket are extremely hazardous. A blown head gasket can lead to a broken engine which you probably will have to change. It also messes up with your coolant, which balances the temperature inside your car so it can start and move properly. The gasket’s function is to separate your oil and coolant from the engine’s combustion, and any cracks in it allow them to cause serious issues. If you have any cracks, no matter how small they are, fix them before driving your car.

Make Sure Your Brakes Are Working

You can’t go anywhere, especially a far distance, without checking on your brakes. There are a few things you need to make sure are in good shape in your brakes, and one of them is the brake pads. Brake pads are the parts that let your car stop gradually by allowing for the required friction without making a loud, unbearable screeching sound. This friction, which is what they are supposed to do, means that they eventually wear down and will need replacing. So before any long journey, this must be the first thing you have checked.  The next vital thing to check with brakes is the brake fluid. If they feel weird when you press them, they probably don’t have enough fluid and need you to add some more. Being able to stop your car safely is critical for your safety, as well as everyone else on the road.

Fill Your Tires With Enough Air

One of the unluckiest things that can happen while driving is getting a flat tire. To avoid this from happening, fill them up with enough air and check their pressure. Do a thorough inspection to make sure they don’t have cracks that let the air out, leading to their flattening. If any of your tires need replacing, do it as soon as possible. You also need to make sure your spare is in perfect shape. Another thing to remember is learning how to replace a tire because you never know what may puncture your tires. The roads are always full of surprises, so be ready for them.

Check Your Lights

Since you’ll be driving for long hours, it will probably get dark, or you may start your trip when it’s dark, which is why working lights are quite necessary. Your light signals also need your attention for your and everyone else’s wellbeing. Being able to give the proper signals is crucial, so check that nothing is broken.

preparing the car for travel

Wash Your Car

Before heading on the road, give your car a nice wash for a nice, fresh trip. Washing your car inside and out means your windscreens will be clear for perfect vision. You should also fill your windscreen wiper cleaning fluid to remove any dust or whatever the wind throws your way.

Getting fully prepared before hitting the road for a long drive is what you need to do to enjoy your long ride fully. There can be so many pretty sites to see and things to learn just by looking at your surroundings while driving, and you want to have the chance to enjoy the experience. Instead of dreading a long drive, focus on how to turn it around and have a blast rather, and the best way to experience that is to have your car ready, so it doesn’t stop you in the middle of anywhere and have you stuck, waiting for anyone to come to help you.