Bringing your pooch on a road trip adventure can be quite exciting. Whether it’s a solo drive or you’re going with family, it can be a relaxing time to enjoy the open road in the company of your furry friend. Taking your dog with you also takes off the pressure of having to look for a sitter when you’re away.

But fun as it sounds, a road trip with your pet can be frustrating without proper planning. Your pooch can make a mess or get bored. The dander from your pet’s fur may also make you uncomfortable. To get the most out of a road trip with your pet, follow these tips.

1. Protect Your Car

If this is your first trip with your dog, then he’s likely to get excited or anxious and might scratch the seats as he moves about. Such movement might damage your car seats. 

Even if you’re used to traveling with him, you still need to protect your seats because accidents happen. With a decent set of car seat covers, you can forget the frustration of having to use rags or an old bedsheet. It helps keep your car seats as good as new while you have the time of your lives with your canine buddy, 

2. Leave a Comfortable Place for Your Pet

As much as it’s tempting to fill your car to the brim, ensure your dog has a comfortable place to sit during the long journey. Carrying him inside a crate is the safest option, but unique seat belts for dogs also work or a pet blanket that could wrap him to feel secure while on travel from

Restraining the dog keeps him safe in case of a crash and prevents him from distracting the driver. The more comfortable they are, the better behaved they will be.

road trip with your dog

3. Carry Some Cleaning Supplies

While on a road trip, ensure you make regular stops for your dog to stretch and relieve himself. Have some practice sessions before the trip if you haven’t trained your dog to relieve himself on command. Despite these precautions, your pet can still have a hard time waiting for the next step and make a mess or get carsick. Therefore, carry some cleaning supplies such as wipes or have an extra bedsheet.

4. Bring Your Dog’s Favorite Snacks

Imagine being on a long trip with nothing to keep you entertained. It can get boring. Pets can also get bored or agitated and damage your seats or cause a distraction. To keep your dog busy, give him a toy. You do not also want a hungry dog chewing on your seats. Ensure you pack their favorite doggy treats and feed them at intervals along the way. This will go a long way in keeping her calm and entertained. 

5. Keep the Air Fresh

As they move around, dogs tend to leave dander on the seats, and the air in your car is likely to become stuffy. Sitting in an enclosed car for extended periods means you may also have to deal with unpleasant pet odor. Therefore, replace the car’s air filter before going on a road trip. An air filter will keep the air fresh and free from dust, making the journey comfortable for everyone.

Are you planning a road trip with your beloved pet? Protect your car from damage by placing seat covers or using an old bedsheet. You should also ensure your pet is comfortable and he can relieve himself regularly. Plus, have cleaning supplies at hand in case he makes a mess. Don’t forget to carry toys and snacks for a memorable and entertaining trip.