Removing stains from any fabric can be challenging, more so when it is on your sofa. When stains on fabric are mentioned, most people tend to think about coffee, juice, tea, or even red wine spillage on the couch. However, many people tend to underestimate water stains on sofa fabric, which could be chronic yet common. Even though water is used in cleaning households, including materials, it can be surprising to learn that it can leave tough stains on your fabrics from a simple spillage.

Water is rich in minerals, and at times, it can also contain chemicals used during the supplier’s purification process. These minerals and chemicals are responsible for leaving residues, which then form stains on your sofa fabrics. You can easily detect these stains; watch out for round rings left on your couch after the spilled water or damp material placed on the sofa has dried. Surprisingly, there are easy ways to remove water stains on your coach and restore its beauty.

The most important thing to remember is, you can increase the success rate of removing the stains on the couch if you clean it as soon as the stain forms. If you are using hard water, any of the best humidifiers for hard water is also a good appliance to have as well.

Read on to learn the easy ways of removing water stains from fabric sofa.

Check out the cleaning instructions on the couch.

Do not be quick to mix cleaning detergents. Most modern coaches come with cleaning instructions written on a tag, usually beneath the cushions or on the sofa’s bottom. These instructions may come in symbol form as below;

  • W or WS- This means that you can clean the coach using cleaning chemicals such as soap.
  • S- You should only dry clean the coach or use water without any cleaning detergent.
  • X- You can only dry clean it or use a vacuum.
  • O- You can only use cold water to clean it.

If the label does not list the cleaning instructions, it will outline the type of fabric used in making the coach. Such information will help you get the cleaning instructions online. This is a crucial step because different fabrics used in making sofas have different textures, which requires different detergents to clean. The stain may be simple to remove but using the wrong detergent for a particular fabric may worsen the situation; you don’t want to damage your coach.

Get a Vacuum Cleaner

Once you have collected the cleaning detergents and equipment, you need to clean your sofa fabric; start by vacuuming the stained part and its surroundings. Vacuuming the stained part and its surroundings will make it easy for you to do away with any particles around the stained area. If the spillage is fresh, ensure you are using a vacuum that sucks up liquid.

Alternatively, you can use a clean piece of cloth to absorb any fresh spillage if you don’t have a vacuum that absorbs fluids. Using a clean rag, blot as much water as you can.

 Get the right cleaning detergent for your fabric sofa.

It is recommendable that you start up with a mild mixed cleaning solution, even when you are sure your fabric sofa is okay with a higher concentration. A water stain may not require tough cleaning detergents after all. Sometimes concentrated cleaning solutions can bleach your fabric: this will depend on the nature of the fabric.

For the cleaning solution, mix mild dish liquid soap with water. Spray a little of the solution onto the stained area, and with a microfiber, gently start scrubbing the area. Alternatively, you can dilute half a cup of vinegar in two cups of water.

Start the stain removal.

Spray the cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area of the fabric coach first. If it doesn’t stain the area, it is fit for the fabric. Sparingly spray it on the stained part and gently scrub the area using a clean rag or soft brush in a circular motion starting from the outside of the stain moving towards the center. This pattern will stop the stain from spreading to other areas. Use a dry piece of cloth to wipe off any excess spray before it dries less it forms another stain. In case the watered-down vinegar stained the discreet part, substitute vinegar with distilled water.

After the stains have disappeared, use paper towels to absorb the dampness. If the fabric used on your sofa allows heat, you can use a blow dryer to dry it and prevent mold growth. For fabrics that do not handle the heat, switch the blow dryer to cool air mode. Alternatively, you can direct your box fan (if you have one) towards the coach to quicken the drying.

The use of baking Soda

If the above stain removal approach has been futile, consider introducing the baking soda. It is more aggressive than using vinegar, liquid dish soap, and distilled water. Baking soda is an effective way of handling all types of stains on your sofa fabric—dust off the sofa by wiping it with a clean cloth. Scatter the baking soda on the fabric couch and let it settle for like twenty minutes. Then, use a vacuum to remove the baking soda and a clean piece of cloth to remove any that will have been left.

Use A Steam Cleaner

This type of stain removal on fabric coach is only recommendable for those types of sofas that allow steaming. Fabric steamers are one of the practical approaches to removing water stains from fabric sofa. Besides a fabric steamer, you can also use a steam iron.

Why is steaming an effective approach? Steam quickly loosens particles and dirt, including stains in soft fibers. Additionally, the heat from steam cleaners rapidly destroys molds and hidden bacteria. Ensure you’re the fabric in your sofa can handle steam before using a steam cleaner.

Get Professional Upholstery Cleaners

If you cannot remove stain from your fabric sofa using the above approaches, consider contacting a professional upholstery cleaning company. The beauty of hiring such a accompany is they have vast experience coupled with the right equipment for removing water stains from fabric sofas.


Water stains on your fabric sofa can be a nightmare, especially when you don’t know how to remove them. However, it is essential to remember that different sofas are made from other fabrics. Therefore, there is no set method of removing water stains from all fabric sofas. Before you attempt any water stain removal procedure on your fabric sofa, always check on the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations. If you cannot remove the water stains from your fabric sofa, contact professional upholstery cleaners.