Loss of appetite is associated with a decreased desire to eat. Many factors can cause poor appetite, and if it lasts for more than a week, it can cause serious problems such as malnutrition and weight loss. Many people are used to having a normal appetite, which can make it frustrating, and unhealthy to say the least. 

Here are some of the most effective ways to stimulate your appetite with natural remedies.

Fish Oil

One of the most famous natural remedies that stimulate your appetite is fish oil supplements. Many studies have shown that this remedy that has been used for quite a long time indeed stimulates appetite both in men and women. While fish oil supplements are usually used to increase appetite in children, they can work on anyone. The positive findings of these studies could also prove very beneficial for people who have a compromised nutritional status. That only goes to say how effective fish oil supplements can be and why they should be a part of the regular diet.


Ginger has plenty of health benefits, including natural pain relief as well as an appetite stimulator. In addition to this, it has a very pleasant taste so many people will be willing to try it out. However, the simplest way to stimulate your appetite with ginger is to make ginger tea from the fresh root or powdered ginger. It should sit in boiling water for about ten minutes. Then it should be strained right away. It shouldn’t be drunk more than three times a day, and it’s also advisable to put honey in it if you still don’t happen to like the taste.

Fennel Tea

Fennel tea is a proven natural remedy that helps stimulate appetite both in adults and children. The compounds found in the fennel stimulate the production of bile in the liver, which in turn promotes digestion. Fennel tea is quite easy to make as all you have to do put about a teaspoon of fennel seeds in boiling water and continue cooking it for a few minutes. Afterward, you should simply strain the seeds and drink the tea once it cools down a little bit. The suggested daily dose is around one or two cups a day, but it’s best advised to consult your doctor for an appropriate dose.

tea is a natural remedy for appetite


Kratom is a plant from the coffee family that has shown many health benefits. These benefits include pain relief, and it stimulates sex drive, too, as well as appetite. According to thorough reviews over at kratomconnect.com/all-kratom/kratom-powder/, the Kratom leaves contain mitragynine, which helps regulate appetite by binding to specific receptors in the body, much like caffeine does. Although Kratom leaves are traditionally chewed and have been used by Thailand natives for generations, there are more accessible and long-lasting supplements such as pills and Kratom powder. It goes to say how useful it is to them once you learn they have been using it as a part of worship rituals.


Peppermint also has many health benefits, especially if it’s used as an essential oil. Fresh peppermint can help with stimulating your appetite because it refreshes the palate. As it was advised with ginger, the easiest way to implement peppermint into the diet so it could increase appetite is to make tea out of it. Peppermint leaves should be covered with boiling water for about half an hour, with an occasional stir. If you don’t like tea, or if it’s summertime, simply chill this mixture and make lemonade. It will still have all the benefits as the tea does.


Exercise is one of those things that can be seriously beneficial for many ailments. It promotes better cardiovascular health, relieves pain, and it even stimulates your appetite. Exercising daily will most certainly stimulate your appetite. As we work out, we use more energy, which means that we use up our existing energy reserves and require new ones. In addition to exercise, yoga has also shown the same benefits, and it’s much more relaxed than certain types of exercises. There are many types of yoga, so be sure you pick one that better suits your needs as all of them will increase your appetite.

Natural remedies have proven to be one of the most effective but lesser-known ways to stimulate your appetite. Make sure you find the best option for you, and if you’re still having troubles, maybe you should focus on natural remedies that haven’t been available before. More often than not, these tropical remedies have only recently become available.