Power outages are a common albeit seasonal part of the lives of the residents of many US states. Such power outages are primarily due to the large number of storms that hit the area during the hurricane season and other times of the year. Predicting with surety the severity of the damage it will inflict is not possible as of today. Neither is it easy to predict the time you will be out of power during such a storm. You can, however, resolve many of the power outage issues by observing the following tips.

Make Safe Use Of Generators If They Are Available

Never forget that if you improperly operate a generator, you might die in as little as 5 minutes due to high carbon-monoxide concentrations. And as many as sixty to seventy people annually die from this. So, the experts at https://generatorgrid.com make it clear that it is critically important never to move a portable generator inside your home or even to your garage. Ensure your generator is as far away from your home as possible besides ensuring the exhaust takes air away from doors and windows.

Unplug Appliances If You Don’t Have A Generator

You want to unplug all sorts of appliances, which have an electronic circuit before the power outage begins or the storm sets in. Such machines can range from anything like your microwave to your refrigerator. All you need to do is to unplug the plugs of the appliances from their respective power outlets. 

Such outlets help to prevent electrical damage to those appliances. You can also choose to shut off the main circuit breaker itself. Often during storms, even if there is power, there are spikes or surges in the electric supply. You can safely plug in your appliances once you see streetlights are on or if power is back in the other neighborhood households.

Make Sure To Keep Important Information In Writing

In times of power outages, it is crucial to keep in mind that your cell phone is your most precious lifeline. Firstly, you need to ensure it has full charge by the time the power goes out. Remember, your cell phone won’t stay on forever. Accordingly, it is good to write down the addresses and the contact details of important institutions that might help. These institutions are often equipped with essential supplies and generally have some power supply. 

Hospitals are another institution whose contact details you want to record. Make sure your cell phone is on power supply mode during the power outage. Another helpful item in such situations is power strips. When you visit a place that does have power, you can use it to charge your devices.

Cook Perishable Food Items On Gas Stoves

If your home has suffered little damage from a storm but is without power, cooking on gas stoves makes sense. Another option is a gas grill, which is also helpful in case you own one. Suppose you intend to use the latter, store it in a dry place like your garage. Such placing will serve to ensure that water does not damage the gas tank or the grill. You typically want to cook perishable food items like cheese and meat on your gas stove. 

Perishable food items remain safe to eat for 4 hours at temperatures below forty degrees Fahrenheit. You can store food at above forty degrees temperature for an additional couple of hours. After that, the food becomes unsuitable for cooking. Fully frozen freezers stay cold for about 48 hours from the time the power goes out. Remember, you will have to throw away any food you prepare as you can’t store them safely beyond two hours of preparation. Don’t risk consuming spoiled food either, as most home insurance policies cover spoilt food expenses. Also, don’t eat any food that makes contact with floodwaters for the sake of your health.

See If Your Neighbors Are Safe And Secure

Once you know that you and your family and your home are secure and safe, it is worthwhile to convey this message to your other family members and neighbors. Remember to check in on elderly neighbors and ensure that they can see and navigate through their homes even if the lights are out. Try to check in that everyone in your immediate world is safe and secure.

electricity fixing due to power outage

Final Thoughts

Remember that the storm will subside, and power will be back. Several thousands of people at work ensure that such storms cause you as minimum discomfort as possible. So, you should stay positive at all times during the power outage and be assured that you will be ok. The tips and directions provided in this article should help you know what to do when a storm comes. When the power goes away, these are some of the necessary precautions you must take. Stay positive!