The recent COVID-19 pandemic has kickstarted work locations shifting from in-person office roles to remote home-based work. But along with spending hours at your study or living or any other room comes the added need for coffee. However, it is challenging to prepare coffee like your favorite coffee shop that you would frequent during weekday work breaks. You can brew perfect coffee right at your home with a minimal amount of skill required from you. To achieve the same, follow these steps:

Step #1 Buy Quality Fresh Beans and Ensure Their Proper Storage

Remember that coffee is ground coffee beans dissolved in water. Naturally, buy beans for your coffee first. While buying whole beans for the same and storing it, the experts at offer helpful tips. They are as follows:

  • Coffee has a lot of similarities in the production process. Still, the perishable nature of the item makes it best when fresh.
  • Prefer buying beans from roasters near you.
  • It isn’t a necessity to have coffee bags bear out roasting dates. Still, it is indeed helpful to ensure fresh and high-quality coffee beans.

Step #2 Assess the Coffee and Water Weight with a Kitchen Scale

If you try to measure coffee by its volume, the result will be erroneous as the volume varies as per scoop and grind. For better precision, it is a good idea to measure coffee amounts by their weight. Use a digital kitchen scale that will provide you with gram weight measurement and observe the following:

  • For each portion of eight ounces of water, you should add 15 grams or one tablespoon of coffee. You may adjust this ratio according to your taste and preference.
  • Make sure that you use cold and filtered water. The quality of water used to prepare coffee is essential. If the water isn’t of good quality, there is little chance that the coffee quality will be exceptional. If your tap water is not of that high-quality, it is a good idea not to brew coffee with it.

Step #3 Make Sure to Heat the Water Optimally

You want to have water temperatures of around 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit for most methods you can use for brewing coffee at your home. You might be stuck with a technique that does not let you set the temperature. In this case, you can always boil the water, turn off the flame and let the kettle sit for half to one full minute.

Step #4 Rinse the Filter and Make Sure That You Warm the Mug

It is a great idea to rinse your coffee filter with boiling water before you set out to brew your cup of coffee. Rinsing the filter helps to enhance the flavor of the coffee. It is also good to warm your coffee mug by swirling boiled water in it, which will ensure that your cup stays hot for a longer time.

Some Helpful Additional Tips

The following tips should help you enjoy better-brewed coffee right at home:

  • Opt for Unbleached Filters

For a particular coffee flavor distinctly bleached with oxygen or free from dioxins, filters with such features are desirable. They will help you get a better coffee aroma with a lesser amount of chemical or papery flavors.

  • Make Sure to Use Clean Coffee Equipment

Remember to make it a point to set a monthly schedule of cleaning coffee making tools and storage containers. To achieve this, you can use a white vinegar and water solution to clean the drip makers and other coffee equipment types. Follow this by a water rinse.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Different Coffee Making Methods

Here are brief assessments of the more popular coffee brewing methods used today:

  • Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

While this fit and forget method is convenient, it leaves little room for control. Such coffee makers are the most straightforward method you can opt for if you are looking to prepare a large amount of coffee, usually up to twelve cups. You can even set the machine brew at a scheduled time. The convenience comes at a price, though, and you lose out on aroma and flavor.

  • French Press Coffee Maker

This variety of coffee brewing stands out by the elegant way it is carried out and the maximum flavor. It doesn’t require much effort too. You can pour in the water, stir it, and wait for a couple of minutes. Then you need to push down the plunger to get coffee with a creamy texture and an equally bold flavor. It is a bit messy to clean the grounds, however. The glass carafes may break too, but ultimately the coffee quality makes it worth it.

You want your tasty coffee brew to be more accessible with the changing times. You want it to be with you throughout your working day, even while at home. You can take comfort because it is, after all, not that difficult to prepare your perfect brew right at home. Happy brewing the perfect coffee cup everyday right at home!