Tiny houses are becoming all the rage as of late, and there’s a lot of reasons why they’re becoming a lot of people’s number one choice when it comes to building a new home. Whether it be for impressive affordability, a desire to downsize, or much improved ecological friendliness, tiny homes are a great option for many. All of the advantages of tiny homes are also now successfully being merged with all of the benefits of kit homes, making for some excellent and versatile packages for those in the market. For those not in the know, however, in this article, we take a look at what exactly makes the kit homes so great!

The potential pitfalls of tiny homes

If you’ve already been researching Canberra kit homes, the option for a tiny home might have also cropped up at some point. Much of this is due to the burgeoning popularity of these tiny homes for a wide variety of reasons, but the cost is often one of the biggest ones – it’s often the case that large kit homes are much cheaper to build than regular tiny homes! With this in mind, a tiny hit home can save you a lot of money if it is also a kit home. Much of this cost-saving occurs by avoiding the common pitfalls related to custom-built housing – it’s not uncommon for smaller and cheaper builds to spiral out of control due to the unexpected – yet unavoidable – costs associated with things insulation, electricity, and plumbing. In the end, it’s not uncommon for these builds to balloon out to the point where the homeowners could have just built a regular-sized house, particularly if they opted for kit design. In this way, the desire to be practical and minimal very much goes out the door!

Benefits of a kit home

A tiny custom-built home, despite its tiny size, does not necessarily cost a tiny amount of money. Kit homes, on the other hand, involve the assembly of components on the property site, cutting down on labor and material costs. Plus, there are all the options associated with custom builds – such as timber or steel frames – available for kit homes. Perhaps one of the most common reasons people opt for kit homes is to ensure that they can live life more sustainably, but the cost means that a lot of great sustainable options are not available within the established budget. This is not true of kit homes, as the smaller cost allows for things such as solar panels, rainwater tanks, and improved insulation to be incorporated for the same price. At the end of the day, you’ll have all of the environmental benefits of a tiny home, but in a much less cramped package!

Why you should consider a kit home

If you hadn’t yet considered kit homes as a great environmental alternative to tiny homes, now is the time to put these builds at the top of your list. Not only will you be able to save a lot of money getting the same creature comforts and environmental options, but you’ll also be able to live in your house only a few months after initially purchasing it!