We all love to look our best, and there is no better feeling than putting on our favorite outfit and getting that immediate burst of confidence. Whether you love to wear a sharp, fitted suit, or your favorite pair of jeans makes you feel a million dollars, you want to take care of your fashion items to ensure that they look great and will last a long time. One of the best ways to maximize the impact of your outfit is to make sure that it is clean and perfectly ironed. Creased clothes can ruin your whole look and totally negate all the planning that went into your outfit. 

For most people, a huge, overflowing laundry basket of clothes that need ironing can seem like an Everest of a chore. Ironing can be extremely laborious and time-consuming, but fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks to make the whole process a lot easier. This article is a simple guide to how to unwrinkle a lot of clothes quickly and efficiently without having to spend hours stuck behind an ironing board.

1. Invest in the Right Equipment

Whilst ironing can be boring and take a long time, the best way to make this job easier and more time-efficient are to use the right equipment. Gone are the days of clunky clothes presses, which would take hours of effort and sweat to get the creases out of clothes, and these days there is a huge range of irons available starting at just a few dollars in price. The experts at Home Cult explain, however, that not all irons offer the same performance. As with many things, the more you spend on your iron, the easier your job will be. The most advanced irons have temperature settings for different fabrics, which means that you will be able to get the creases out of even the most delicate items of clothing like silk and cashmere. Be sure to check out online reviews to find the best iron on the market and pair it up with a sturdy ironing board to make the chore as smooth as possible.

2. Hang Your Clothes Up in the Bathroom

This is an old lifehack but is still one of the most effective ways to get creases out of clothes. It is not surprising that this trick works, as, after all, irons work by using steam and so you can get something of the same effect from a steamy bathroom. When you take a shower at night, hang up the clothes which you intend to wear in the morning, and be sure to shut the bathroom door. Then leave them hanging up when you take your morning shower too, and the steam will have removed a lot of the creases. For many items, this will be enough to wear them as they are, but for others, you will then need to iron out the last few creases.

unwrinkle clothes

3. Press Your Clothes Under Your Mattress Overnight

Another tried and tested method is to do the work as you sleep and is ideal for anyone with a solid bed base. Pick out your outfit for the next day and lay them out flat underneath your mattress. Put the mattress back on top and enjoy a good night’s sleep, happy in the knowledge that your clothes will be perfectly pressed in the morning. Ensure that you give the base dust and a wipe down first so that your clothes don’t get dirty and you won’t need to do anything else. This method works particularly well for pants, t-shirts, and cotton dresses.

4. Hire a Professional Ironing Service

Many of us do not have the time to iron a big load of clothes, and so one really simple option is to hire a professional ironing service to do the job for you. Ironing services are relatively inexpensive, and if you have put your clothes in for dry cleaning, the iron service will come as part of the package. If you have a regular weekly order, then you will be able to negotiate a significantly reduced price for your ironing.

Spending hours and hours ironing is nobody’s idea of a fun day. Of all the household chores which we all have to do, ironing is definitely one of the least enjoyable. To look your best, however, it is really important to make sure that you press and iron your outfits to give them the impact which you are aiming for. Follow this simple guide, and you will be sure to look your best every day.