Roofs complete our building styles, protect us from weather extremes, and enhance the appearance of or homes. The roofing materials come in different varieties, including metal, slate, clay, and concrete tiles. All of these materials serve a similar purpose of roofing or re-roofing a building. Your choice of roofing material can depend on different factors such as your budget, weather conditions of your locality, your personal preferences, and so on. You may also choose your roofing material by observing the popular roofing in your locality. This article describes different roofing types to guide you in selecting the perfect roofing material for your new house.

Metal Roofs

If you are looking for a high-end roofing material to serve you for years, then metal roofing materials are the way to go. Besides the durability, metal roofs are impermeable, shed ice and snow quickly, and align with any house design. The metal sheets come from four primary materials, including copper, aluminum, zinc, and steel. Further, these sheets differ in durability and weight, with steel sheets being the heaviest and most durable. For this reason, experts from the Apal Metal Roofing Company in Wilmington, NC, advise homeowners to find a reliable roofing contractor to guide them on the most suitable material for their roof. Most reputable contractors will carry the entire project for you and help you avoid risks resulting from wrong material such as the collapsing of a building. 

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles refer to roofing materials made using a mixture of sand, gravel, and dark bituminous pitch. It is the commonly used type of roofing in North America due to its low upfront costs, ease of installation and durability, and long term warranty coverage. Asphalt shingles come in two basic types, the fiberglass-based shingles and organic-based shingles.

The fiberglass shingles are more durable than the organic ones. They are also lighter and more fire-resistant than their organic counterparts. On the other hand, organic shingles are less costly and more available than the fiberglass ones. You can go for organic asphalts, secure your pockets, or pick the fiberglass and enjoy long service. 

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Clay And Concrete Tiles

As the name suggests, the roofing tiles come from earthen clay and concrete. They are highly-priced for their aesthetic appearance, durability, and ability to withstand fire and extreme weather conditions. The tiles come in different decorative styles to meet the preferences of different clients. They are the most ideal for areas with scorching weather as the concrete and clay are not good conductors of heat, hence keeping the interior environments cool. Just Like steel, clay and concrete tiles are usually heavy. Your contractor should first inspect whether the house structure and the roof frame are strong enough to support the heavy tiles. 

Roofs are essential when it comes to home comfort. They protect us against weather extremes and add value to our homes. However, different roof types have different installation procedures. Poor installation may lead to loss of lives or injuries. Whether you are repairing or installing a roof to a new house, ensure that your contractor has enough experience to guarantee your safety.