Cleaning cat litter is a daily task for cat parents. This activity is part of raising cats, and it is essential because it affects the overall health of your pet and how comfortable they are. Cleaning the litter box is also integral for a clean, fresh home. However, there is more to cat litter than just cleaning it. To make the best out of your current situation with your cat, you will have to choose the right litter for your household. The right litter will prevent common litter box issues such as urinating outside the litter box and enables easy cleaning after the cat does his business.

 Read on below to learn what you will need to consider before buying cat litter.

Different types of cat litter

As a cat-owner, you probably understand just how opinionated your cat can be about litter. What manufacturers may advertise as the best cat litter in town may fail to impress your cat. This is why you must be patient when trying to find out which litter works best for your furry little friend. You will find cat litter in different textures and scents, and getting the perfect combination for your cat may take some time. Scented litter boxes tend to mask litter odor, but your cat may simply like it unscented. Many cat-owners go for easy clumping litter because it is easy to scoop out after your cat does his/her business. Ensure that you meet both your needs and those of your cat with your choice of the litter.

Size of your cat and the litter box

As you choose a litter box for your little ball of happiness, consider how big or small they are. Most litter boxes are designed to fit a regular-sized cat, but their sizes can vary depending on the breed. Some cats can be 8 pounds typically while some can be as large as 20 pounds, for instance, a Maine coon. If your cat litter is too small, your cat may end up pooping and urinating outside the designated area, making it difficult to clean the litter. No cat ever said no to a big litter box, even when they are kittens. It is better to invest in a good and spacious litter box because eventually, your cat will outgrow a kitten litter box. Also, when you buy a new litter box for your kitten, you may need to retrain them so they can get accustomed to the new litter box.

Cat’s age

The type of cat litter your cat may like depends on their age. Older cats prefer sand-like litter. However, be careful with the kittens, especially when it comes to sand because there is a risk of them ingesting the sand particles, and this can cause adverse health effects in your cat in the long-term. Also, clumping litter should not be used with kittens for the same reason. It is ideal to wait until your little kitties are 2 to 3 months before starting to use clumping and sand litter. When they are younger, it is advisable to utilize natural, pellet-based litter that they will not be able to ingest.


As a cat owner, your pet is king/queen. You will go to the ends of the world to ensure that their needs are met. However, this does not mean that you have to ignore your needs. Many cats can comfortably switch and adapt to a new litter choice as long as you help them. As you shop for cat litter, ensure that you keep both the cat’s needs and yours at heart. Consider what your cat likes, how often you would like to clean the litter, and where you would like it placed in the home.

Switching Cat Litter

You may decide to change your cat’s litter according to his needs. Note that your cat may need help adjusting to the new litter, and this is where you come in, helping them transition smoothly. You can start by adding small amounts of litter to your cat’s regular litter for approximately a week. This kind of transition will be especially important if the texture of the litter is different from the regular litter texture, Cats can be extremely sensitive to texture and changing that suddenly can cause an unfavorable alteration of the litter box behavior. They may start avoiding the litter box. If this happens, you can help them adjust by giving them a variety of litter to choose from. Your cat will find one that he/she prefers if you let her/him have two or three boxes for a start.

Buying cat litter is a big deal for pets and pet owners alike because both have preferences. Above, we establish that the perfect cat litter depends on the cat and owner and that both their needs and preferences should be met during the search for the perfect cat litter.