2020 was a bit of a drag year, and we spent so much time at home that many of us now know the compositions of our wall paints from just staring at them. It is quite understandable that with the ease of lockdowns in so many places globally, we would want to take away that image we were forced to get used to for months. Well, the good thing is that every year comes with new interior design trends to appreciate.

So, changing the face of your home should not give you too many things to think about because we are here to help you with the trends and innovations of 2021 to aid you in this journey of change. 

Here are trends and innovations to look out for in 2021

1. The outdoors are having a significant influence on indoors 

Initially, people wanted to leave the earthy feel outside, but for some reason, that has changed. People now want a bit of the outside in their homes, so say hello to live plants and mini trees, as we are building a small garden in the sitting room. Instead of fancy dining chairs, people are sticking to raffia lounge chairs, as they give the room this spacious garden feel. Finally, we seem to be going for more eco-friendly plant-based floor rugs this year, which is a beautiful thing for two reasons. The first reason is, you are saving the planet, and the second reason is that you now have a bit of the earth beneath your feet in your house. 

2. Wallpapers? Yes. Paints? Not really

So, we have noticed that people are going for wallpapers more than they are going for paintings, which is not a surprise. During the 2020 lockdown, people realized that commitment had a different meaning when paint and walls were in the picture. In light of this exciting discovery, people are now going for wallpapers which could be changed as quickly as your mood could. So someone could decide that the pale nude walls are not just great anymore and decide to place some bold flower design wallpaper on the wall, 

3. The cost of working with an interior designer is higher

This is more of a warning than it is a trend, but the economy is relatively worse than it was last year, so prices of products and services have skyrocketed. This increase in the cost of getting an interior designer is why some people have decided to opt for the DIY method. A few YouTube videos would not make you into Kelly Wearstler overnight, but it would help you make something great out of your apartment. 

4. People are still choosing interior designers

Now, while it is clear that the cost of getting an interior designer has significantly increased recently, people would still rather use interior designers, and here is why. The lockdown made many of us impromptu interior designers because we desperately needed to change the look of our homes. However, in the process, people have learned the cost to work with an interior designer, and they are making the decision to stick to them instead of going the DIY route. So, yes, despite having trained on YouTube, people are choosing to give actual professionals the job while they focus on the things they did not learn from YouTube during the lockdown. 

5. Enclosed kitchens and open cabinets 

So, kitchens have always been this large space where everyone could walk in, with everything in locked cabinets. Well, this has not changed, as people are beginning to create working spaces in their homes, and all that extra space for the kitchen can be used for something else. Instead of having shut cabinets, people now have open shelves around the kitchen where all is displayed. The kitchen space is mostly a construction issue for new homes, but if you are up for moving the walls around a bit to accommodate this new trend, then why not? 

6. Colors that do not really match 

Humans are so obsessed with matching things that we sometimes miss out on the beauty that is mismatched designs. Instead of having all brown and nude and some white and beige, how about you go for a dark blue and a violent red with the sheets and curtains? It may sound too daring right now, but once you begin to fix everything else, it will all make sense. 

7. Patterns that do not match 

It is cool to have check patterns all over the room, but have you thought about how stripes fall into checks in beautiful matrimony? If you were going with just stripes, have you ever thought of how horizontal flooring would look with vertical walls? There are so many patterns we could try out instead of being stuck on one kind of pattern all the way. So, interior designers are going for more daring designs like these this year because with all the boringness we had to deal with in 2020, something out of the ordinary for 2021 does not sound like a terrible idea. 

8. Less is more 

This trend may never go out of style because hoarding belonged in the dark ages when men were afraid to ask questions like ‘why do you have those?’ Now, some things should be left at the store where you found them. If you really feel like going to seek them out, be ready to give up something in your house for a chance to own them. The fact remains that in 2021, we are giving our living spaces a lot more room to play around with. So, only buy the things you need. 

interior design trends and innovations in 2021

Since there would always be new houses to design, renovations to make, and bored people to appease, there will always be new trends and innovations in interior designing. If you are looking to give your apartment or somewhere else a facelift, this is for you. Go through these trends and see which one you can adapt to change the look of your living or working space.