After living through a global pandemic many of us are dreaming of ditching the comfort of our homes in exchange for beautiful, sunny beaches. 

From sunny Spain to Australia here are some beautiful beach destinations that you need to add to your travel list. 

Bahama beach


If you want a luxurious holiday experience, then you are guaranteed to get that in the Bahamas. This popular Caribbean country is home to some of the most beautiful beaches across the globe. Don’t underestimate the size of this island as it boasts more than 20 beaches and each one is more beautiful than the next. One of the most popular is Pink Sands. If the name doesn’t already give it away, then the sands of this idyllic beach shimmer with a pink glow as a result of finely pulverized coral. 

Malaga and Costa Del Sol beach

 Málaga and Costa Del Sol

Situated in southern Space lies a plethora of sandy beaches and rich cultural heritage. Málaga is a port city popular amongst tourists and ex-pats across the globe. Visitors can benefit from hot climates and a beach suitable for any occasion. The coastline of this city is so beautiful that you will be tempted to prolong your stay! Luckily, you can find an abundance of mid-to-long-term rentals in Málaga from private rooms to high-quality studios.

Australia Gold Coast beach

The Australia Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a city situated south of Brisbane. It is home to some incredible attractions like Sea World and thrilling amusement parks like Dreamworld. Whether you like to surf or you just love to lay in the sun and relax, the Gold Coast has a variety of different beaches for you to explore. If you are looking for a hidden gem, then Mermaid Beach is just south of the central point of the city. Here, you can enjoy a less crowded area which is ideal for holding a picnic lunch or enjoying a peaceful bike ride. 

Phi Phi Island beach

Phi Phi Island

Thailand is a hugely popular destination for tourists. Phi Phi islands are an island group in Thailand. There are plenty of picturesque beaches where you can partake in adrenaline-filled activities like snorkeling and other fun water sports. If sports aren’t your thing, then you can sit back and relax as the views across Phi Phi island are something to be admired. 

You are sure to be able to top up your tan as the climate is hot and if you like a bit of variety, you can always hop on a boat and visit another island close by. 

These are just some of the beach destinations that you should be adding to your travel list. There are so many more out there waiting to be explored so delve into some research and start uncovering the hidden gems that will make your travels one to remember.