Whenever you’re faced with difficulties, challenges, and even heartaches, people would always say to leave it behind and move on. However, these things are easier said than done, moving on is not an easy path to take, especially if the fear, trauma, and hurt are deep-rooted.   

What you are today is a reflection of your past. If you’re struggling with the present, your past could be pulling you behind and can prevent you from moving on into the future. 

Past life regression therapy could help you figure out how your past affects your present and the underlying reasons for your irrational fear, anxiety, and even your insecurities. 

This form of therapy uses hypnosis of the most profound level to access and recover relevant memories that somehow affect a person’s current life. 

One of the well-studied methods is QHHT past life regression developed by Dolores Cannon. QHHT is a quantum healing hypnosis technique, it’s a method of hypnosis that achieves the Somnambulistic level of trance or the state where the body is totally relaxed, and your mind is in a state of blank nothingness.

In this state, it’s believed that hypnotists can reach the area beyond the conscious mind that you are not fully aware of but influences your actions and emotions. The subconscious is the most significant part of your being that could help you heal the physical and mental ailments of the present. By accessing the memories and events of your past life, you can understand how it’s affecting your present and learn a valuable lesson from them. 

If you’re currently struggling and experiencing difficulties in understanding yourself, then past life regression therapy may help you. Here are the reasons why it could be right for you:

  • If You’re Experiencing Existential Crisis

Sometimes you ask yourself, ‘what is the meaning of my life?’  When you feel that your life has no meaning and purpose and your everyday life has dissolved into a meaningless existence, you may feel anxious. The constant questioning of your existence is giving you panic attacks, which eventually lead to depression and suicidal tendencies. 

Accessing happy and successful memories of your past through past life regression therapy may help you understand the meaning of your existence and give you the confidence to live your present life amidst uncertainty and chaos. 

  • If you have Severe Anxiety 

The persistent and irrational inability to deal with everyday emotions to address daily stress and challenges is a mental health disorder called anxiety. However, anxiety has many levels, and severe anxiety is usually deep-rooted with past traumatic experiences. Tapping the deepest recesses of the subconscious through hypnosis may reveal the underlying causes of trauma that affect one’s response to everyday stimuli. 

Past Regression Therapy

Going back to the pain of the past may resolve the current anxious feeling one is experiencing in the present, and it can be done through hypnosis. The therapy may expose how the trauma of one’s past life impacts the current and what process should one undergo to be free of anxiety in the long run.

  • To Address Irrational Fears Or Phobias

Here is one successful therapy session that was brought about by the sadness of a mother who couldn’t allow her young daughter to have dolls in the house because of her phobia in dolls. The young girl asked her mom tearfully why she couldn’t play with the doll given to her on her birthday. 

The young mother couldn’t tell her daughter the real reason, which crushed her heart. However hard she tried to get over the fear, she just trembles in a corner with her heart racing. 

She decided to find out why and during the therapy session, uncovered an event when she was a young girl like her daughter and was asked to sit on Santa’s lap. She was forcefully given a doll and was asked to hold it while being photographed with Santa.

She didn’t want the doll and tried to throw it, but people demanded her to sit still. The few minutes she endured sitting there with the doll in her hand scarred her for life.

This ordinary event that should be a joyful and exciting one turned into a terrorizing experience for a child that she unconsciously carried into adulthood and affected her relationship with her own child. The hypnosis therapy session unearthed the reason, and the therapist carried out an activity to overcome this irrational fear. 

  • To Resolve Relationship And Intimacy Issues

When one can’t completely trust a partner but couldn’t determine the exact reason why they’re experiencing trust issues. A past life regression therapy can uncover the hidden reason in the subconscious, which may reveal a disruptive and violent relationship history that might be affecting how you currently view your present partner. Addressing this may give you a better chance of fixing your current relationship, leading to a healthy and happy married life. 

  • To Help In Healing 

Some people experience unexplainable guilt or shame. Because of this, they experience difficulty in enjoying even the simplest things that are happening in their life, they tend to blame themselves even for situations they’re not supposed to be involved with. 

This negative self-evaluation causes one to develop some severe mental health conditions. Constant guilt and shame result in lack of sleep, depression, and an upset stomach. Having a guilt complex gives one a sense of inadequacy that may affect their motivation to achieve goals. 

Moreover, this behavior may also lead one to believe that they don’t deserve to move on, thus punishing themselves for their mistakes. To help heal this condition, one may need to revisit the past and bring to light why they feel unexplainable guilt or shame.

A feeling of guilt is a heavy burden that could drag you down and intensify in time, making you feel worse. Naming your guilt is one effective way to heal your mind. Asking for forgiveness and making amends will free you from the burden and address your accountability in the situation. 


Past life regression therapy may be able to uncover the mysteries of the subconscious to resolve issues with your present life. Many past life stories serve as illustrative metaphors that serve as a guide on how to face the realities of the present. The ability to tap into this important history may help you to move on and live a better life.