Despite the long prohibition of gambling in Japan, the government has adopted a new bill to develop resort complexes with casinos. Under the new law, lawmakers have approved three Las Vegas-style real casinos, but there are no details on where these gambling centers will be built. Supposedly, four main cities are being considered to open the casino resorts — Nagasaki, Hokkaido, Osaka, and Yokohama.

Anyway, until land-based casinos are not built, many internet casinos accept Japanese players and provide them with licensed and high-quality gameplay with real perspectives. We will find out why people in Japan actually need casino resorts and what the alternatives are if something goes wrong in project implementation.

Where Japanese Players Can Gamble Today

Among gambling entertainments, only betting on horse racing, football, and basketball is officially allowed. Meanwhile, it is said that a huge number of gambling institutions operate underground in Japan. Speaking about Japanese games, local players still prefer such entertainments like:

  • The Japanese lottery acquired state support in 1730. And in 1945, this gambling entertainment even helped save the country from economic collapse during the recovery period after World War II. Then lottery winnings became a kind of legal investment of money. The most popular Japanese lottery, called Jumbo, draws 4 times a year.

Possible winnings are up to 300 million. Such sums, as a rule, are raffled off on the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Ticket numbers are applied in advance, and the player does not have to guess the cherished numbers on his own. A distinctive feature of this Japanese lottery is the colorful, funny tickets featuring beloved anime characters.

  • Today in Japan, there are many halls where people can enjoy this game, but a player cannot win money (some advanced gamblers assert otherwise). Now, game software developers create online pachi slots, and this means more chances to have a good time and get payouts with the favorite game are pretty high;
  • Online Slots. As an entertainment, slot machines are in very high demand and popularity, so every gamer can choose slots that suit him. Absolutely all slots differ from each other, especially by technical characteristics. Now you can find classic fruit slots, video slots dedicated to movies or anime, table games like baccarat, blackjack, or poker, etc.

As you see, while the inhabitants of Japan expect complete freedom in the gambling field, everyone else can enjoy a visit to online casinos and gamble for fun or real funds without leaving home. For example, Luxury casino online accepts players from the country of the rising sun and offers lucrative promotions, a huge collection of slots with progressive jackpots, and secured payment processing.

Can Gambling Be Legal In Japan?

The global casino industry has designs on the Japanese gambling market, which is expected to generate $25 billion in revenue per year. According to the American Gambling Association noted, Japan had taken a giant step towards strengthening its economy and attracting foreign tourists with the adoption of this bill. This means the gambling industry will gladly help the country’s government create a world-class gaming market and, thus, achieve Japan’s economic goals.

Many UK and USA operators are ready to invest funds into such a project because they foresee real prospects in the future. Moreover, if the idea of ​casino resorts is approved, then Heiwa, the world’s largest pachinko slot machine developer, is ready to build an integrated casino resort.

In conclusion, we see that legalization of integrated resorts in Japan could make it the second important market in Asia after Macau, which will attract more tourists to the Land of the Rising Sun and give the necessary boost to the growth of other local areas.