If you make an effort to enjoy the beginning of your married life, you are bound to keep the bond and relationship intact with your spouse. At times, couples start drifting apart once they get married as they are unable to spend time together due to their busy lives. Unlike their dating phase, where they found time for each other, couples often take their married phase for granted. With time, they will feel ‘stuck’ with their partner, leading to a divorce. By incorporating a few changes and ideas, you can strengthen your initial marriage phase, which is the foundation to a long and happy married life. 

Here is how you can ensure that the initial phase of your marriage is great. 

1. Take a Trip Together 

Taking occasional trips will ensure that you can spend enough time with your partner and enjoy your time off. It is believed that couples who travel together stay together, especially if both love traveling and unraveling new destinations. The thrill of enduring new adventures with your partner feels exhilarating and forms a foundation for your marriage. Going on trips not only sparks joy but also builds memories. You also get to learn more about your partner’s strengths and weaknesses. If you disagree with your partner at some time, traveling can make you more patient and consider their point of view, which can help maintain your relationship for long. 

2. Go on Dates

The secret to a happy married life is continuing the activities you used to do as a couple during your dating phase. Going on dates will keep the fire burning and keep your love alive. If you are wound up in tight work schedules, schedule monthly dates on weekends and take turns treating each other in your favorite restaurants. It also gives you time to talk to each other and discuss your whereabouts, which couples often fight over. Your date night shouldn’t necessarily be in a fancy restaurant; it can be a simple ‘Netflix n Chill’ night out at home with pizza and wine. The important thing is to spend some relaxing time together. 

3. Find a Hobby Together 

Another effective way to learn more about your partner’s likes and interests is finding and doing a hobby together. An expert wedding counselor at yeahweddings.com recommends finding an activity you like and encouraging your partner to do it with you. It can be baking, drawing, DIY projects, or even joining a book club. It also gives you enough time to spend together, which, as mentioned, is necessary for newly married couples to strengthen their bond. You can discover your partner’s creative side and loosen up after a tiring week. 

4. Prioritize Appearance 

Once they marry, the last thing that most couples care about is their appearance. 

That being said, compliment your partner at least once every day. This will keep them happy and feel valued. It is also one of the most effective ways to keep your partner happy and satisfied. Prioritizing your appearance is also necessary to boost your self-confidence and be presentable in front of others. Hence, you are not only keeping your partner happy but also working on your personal development. Even though the idea may seem far-fetched, attraction is key to a long and happy marriage. Many marriages end just because couples don’t feel attracted to each other. However, do not be hard on yourself and understand that marriages are much more than looks and physical attraction. 

5. Celebrate Little Milestones

Little milestones, like getting a promotion or being complimented by your boss, can be turned into a moment of celebration. Be happy together and share the joy of enduring a long-lasting marriage. Ask more questions about your partner’s happy moment and savor the time together. If possible, get them a present or cook their favorite meal. Simply put, celebrate every good news that comes your way. 

6. Plan Your Next Step Together

Whether it’s opening a new business, making an investment, buying a new house, or taking a long trip, plan your next step together as a couple. By involving your partner, you will gain not only constant support but also feel motivated. This will also give you more time together, which is necessary to strengthen your relationship. Take important life decisions together, and support your partner. 


By applying these tips, you can make sure that you can enjoy the first phase of your wedding with your spouse and strengthen your bond. It will also make sure that you and your partner are loved and appreciated, which is the secret to a long-lasting marriage. Some of these tips are also directed at couples who have been together for more than a decade and are trying to keep their marriage intact.