You see people living in the lap of luxury all the time. From celebrities flashing their “bling-bling” to seeing people driving some of the world’s most expensive cars. Have you ever wondered how exactly how they’re able to afford such a luxurious lifestyle?

It makes you curious because you want to be able to live that type of lifestyle as well, right? Of course. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to experience the finer things in life. For the majority of wealthy people worldwide, the way they’ve achieved their wealth is solely due to their career choices.

There are careers that bring in a decent amount of annual income, but to really obtain wealth, you have to set your career goals much higher than that of typical careers… you really have to shoot for the stars. A lot of people in these high-end positions also have high-end education too so that’s something else to consider when looking to live that high-end lifestyle. Take a look at some high-end careers that allow people to live a luxury lifestyle.


A physician is not only an honorable title to have but it’s also one of the wealthiest titles to add to your name. A physician makes a median salary of about $174,000 annually so to bring home that type of money, means you can definitely afford a high-end lifestyle.

As a physician, your whole foundation of practicing medicine in the first place is because you enjoy helping others and you enjoy doing it for the greater good. It can definitely get rough at times, with the long hours and not being able to save every life, but with that type of position, a great amount of responsibility is required… that’s the type of responsibility that pays!

Physician Assistant

As a physician assistant, you take on a lot of similar responsibilities as the physician would, the only difference is that you don’t go to school as long as a physician have to. A physician goes to school for four years to obtain their undergraduate degree. Upon graduating from undergrad, they will then need to attend another four years of medical school. After completing medical school, the next step is to spend anywhere from three to seven years in residency training.

As a physician assistant, you would need to complete undergrad and then complete a two-year physician assistant training program. With this title added to your name, you can earn the likes of $93,000 annually, all while performing some of the same tasks as a physician. Some of those tasks include:

  • Writing prescriptions
  • Making patient diagnoses
  • Examinations
  • Medical procedure (supervised by the physician)

This particular position interests many for one because you don’t have to go to school as long as doctors do. Secondly, it’s an easy job hunting process. There are websites designed specifically for physicians and physician assistants.

Computer Network Architect

The world we live in today is a digital world and the way people communicate now is mostly digitally. Of course, we still do face-to-face communication but in this digital era communication is a lucrative business.

Businesses need to be able to communicate in every facet, whether it be to clients or other businesses and a computer network architect is the person who keeps that line of communication open. Being in this position, your tasks can be anything as small as maintaining a company’s intranet or something as big as cloud networks.

To be in this position, you will be required to have more than a few years of education and experience but in the long run, it’ll all be worth it because a computer network architect’s median salary is around $116,000. With that kind of money, you’ll be able to buy the house of your dreams!

What Would You Do?

You’ve heard people talk about what they would buy if they won the lottery. Some people would pay off all their debts, some would go out of the country, and others would invest it. Any of those things would be an admirable way to spend your money but that doesn’t have to be how you spend your money.

They say when you work hard, you can play even harder. believes that statement to be very true. The statement just goes to show that when you work hard, you are able to reap all the fruits of your labors and if reaping the fruits of your labor include buying a luxurious pool, you have every right to do so because it’s your hard earned money.

*Just remember, when you have a top career with education, you can afford to live a high-end lifestyle.*