Many people will attest that preparing for certification exams is one of the most terrifying moments in their career. Whether you are going to pass an entry-level or expert-level Microsoft test, a whole lot of challenges stand your way during your certification journey.

So, the question is, what’s the way out? Perhaps this is your first ever certification exam and you might be wondering, how can you assure a seamless exam preparation journey? In this article, we provide the expert tips that will help you crack your certification test at the first attempt and attain your credential like a real pro.

1. Make the Best of the Microsoft Learning Platform

Microsoft Learning platform acts as the centerpiece for virtually all the Microsoft certification exams. This portal is a goldmine of resources for your exam preparation, and it would be wise to check it out prior to scheduling your exam.

Here, you will find different resources for all the Microsoft certifications. Understanding what the exam actually entails is the first step towards registering a positive outcome at your first attempt. Honestly, it would be pointless to schedule a test when you don’t know what it actually involves seven if the topics seem familiar.

You’ll definitely want to know key details about your Microsoft exam including the registration policy, its duration, exam structure, and policies as well as useful links to vital resources for your preparation. In addition, Microsoft Learning platform is your go-to place to find invaluable information regarding the exam updates, schedule, and pricing. Therefore, it’s pretty clear that visiting this platform should be your top priority.

2.Know What You Can

Let’s face it, Microsoft certification exams are hard. Generally, taking these exams brings no fun, and assuming that they are easy won’t do you any good either. Even experts will tell you that passing these exams at your first attempt can prove to be challenging. So, where does this leave us? Well, truth be told, you can never grasp all the exam content at once. You can try, of course, but no matter how hard you study, cramming everything is impractical.

Check out the Microsoft official website to find the exam description before scheduling your test and start your preparation. This description will give an insight into the test concepts. Understanding the objectives helps you design an effective study plan that will be of great importance to ensure your success.

3.Develop an Effective Study Plan

The key to effective exam preparation is to develop a suitable study plan and stick to it. Without a proper plan, it becomes easier to drift from the main focus and fail to prepare adequately. Most of the Microsoft certification tests can be taken from your home, and this demands self-discipline and intrinsic motivation. One of the best tools to help you design a perfect study plan is the training guide for the certification exams.

Finding a great study guide is paramount to effective exam preparation. Its highly advised that you get two or more guides to help you understand the exam concepts. Thus, you will be able to develop an effective study plan according to your understanding of the topics. Manage your time so that you can devote more hours to complex subjects. The good news is, training guides are readily available from top IT websites. ExamSnap, for instance, provides effective study guides for Microsoft certification exams at a low price.

4. Find a Good Study Routine

You should find a good place to study for your Microsoft certification exams. Microsoft certifications such as Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate credential have rigorous standards and require a conducive learning environment that is completely free from distractions. Of course, you will want the best equipment for your study as well as reliable PCs.


It is paramount to take notes as you get on with your studies. Consider creating a new notebook at the start of every session. To ensure you remain organized, you should create a table of contents and headings for every section for the seamless organization of the information.

6.Practice Tests

Using the practice tests should come as one of the last stages of your exam preparation journey. It’s more helpful once you have reviewed a variety of the exam materials and you are willing to put your knowledge of the exam concepts to the test.

You should treat the practice test with the utmost respect as it actually simulates the actual exam questions. While tackling the questions, aim at giving your best to attain the highest possible score. Familiarizing yourself with the Microsoft certification exam questions guarantees your exam success. Once you’ve understood the variations in the Microsoft exam questions as presented in practice tests, you are ready to pass the real exam.

Perhaps you are still wondering where to find these practice questions, right? Well, the Microsoft official practice test can be found on the Microsoft website. In addition, reliable websites also exist to help you out with your preparation. An example of such a reliable platform is the ExamSnap website that is known to provide valid and updated practice tests for Microsoft exams. Other reliable websites worth checking out include Exam-Labs, ExamCollection, and PrepAway, among others.

7. Effective Time Management

One of the most important factors for success is time management. Oftentimes, Microsoft certification exams appear in sections, which makes it impossible to return to a question once you have passed it. Besides, case study questions (which are quite common for Microsoft certification exams)can be time-consuming since they require you to sift through a lot of information.

It is only through reviewing the questions carefully and knowing how much time you have left that you will easily complete your test in time. It’s fundamental to perform a quick calculation to know how much time you should be spending on every question to avoid time wastage and improve your chances of success in the exam.

8. Find Good Study Materials: Visit ExamSnap

It’s beyond doubt that the advent of technology has led to the upsurge of the IT websites claiming to provide great resources for certification exam preparation. Sadly though, most of these websites never leave up to the candidates’expectations, and you know what impact crude preparation techniques would have on your final exam results. It’s essential to separate reliable websites from the many platforms claiming to provide training materials for cheap.

From my research and previous experience, ExamSnap is one such reliable website for your preparation. With virtually all study materials for Microsoft certification exams, ExamSnap is clearly head and shoulders above most other platforms.

The best part? This website gives you full access to a wide range of study options for your certification exam. From updated practice test questions to valid exam dumps and training guides, you can find literally all you need on ExamSnap.

Bottom Line                                                                                      

If you’ve read it up to this far, then you are certainly better equipped to handle your Microsoft certification test. If you are still pondering over your next move, then remember that preparing for your exam is not that scary when you have the right resources at hand.